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Welcome to fullonsms, where you can send unlimited free SMS anywhere in India. With fullonsms, you can:

Send Unlimited Free SMS

Fullonsms allow you to send unlimited 200 characters long messages.  The message can be sent to any mobile number in India. SMS are delivered instantaneously. You have option to view delivery report even reason of failure.

Schedule SMS

With Fullonsms you can schedule SMS to send it in future. Now a happy birthday SMS to your friend will go on time, no matter whether you are near computer or not.

Group SMS

Inviting friend for a party? Send message to them all. Fullonsms group SMS will allow you to send SMS to your 15 friend together.

Send Hindi SMS or Punjabi Telegu and whatsoever

Fullonsms let you send SMS in any language including Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Kannad, etc. You just need to type in English and the message automatically converts into selected language. Since the SMS is delivered in Unicode. All mobile natively support it without data connection

Send Wallpaper

Fullonsms has unlimited collection of wall papers. You can download the wallpaper using WhatsApp or send the same to each other using SMS. User receives a link to wallpaper which he can download.

Send Video

Fullonsms has exclusive collection of video. You can download video on send to your loved one.

Facebook Covers

Fullonsms has wide collection of Facebook Cover photo. Select one and make it your Facebook wall.

Location Finder

Received a message from Unknown number? With Fullonsms Location Finder you can find the location of number. Not only that you can also know which mobile operator that number belong to.

Online Survey Form

Fullonsms Let you create online Survey Form. Launched a New Service or asking your friend where to host birthday party? Why not send them a survey form. With Fullonsms You can create a survey form within minutes and send it as link on users mobile. No matter what mobile phone you are using, the survey will come just perfect. You can view report as you want.

Short Message Enhanced Service SMES using Secret SMS

Fullonsms now let you send auto expiry Secret SMS. The message gets expired as soon as you see them. Only that with smart content sharing feature, you can share picture, Video, HTML and much more with your friend on with world.

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