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You might soon be able to book an Uber via an SMS!

Yes whatsapping and hiking have been the in-thing these days, but what the old sweet text messages can do, these applications cannot. You know what that is?

It is the breathing system of these applications, which means the internet connection. Many areas in our country still have poor connectivity and many cellular operators have poor data services. One can only rely on the customary sms for such cases. And thankfully, some big companies are realizing that now.

The transportation network giant Uber is developing ways to give the option of booking a cab via an sms to its customers. In a move to make booking rides easier for the public, it would be launching an app that helps them book a ride via an sms. It is also considering lowering down its prices.

Well, it isn’t wrong when it is said old is gold. So not matter how far technology takes us, but I am sure nothing can replace the text message. And that is the reason we are still here. Our website would continue providing you with free text messages so you can continue sending free sms to your friends and relatives and stay connected with them.

Send Your Wishes via FullonSMS

navratri images

Navratri is a traditional festival celebrated throughout India during the onset of winters. This festival is dedicated to the powerful goddess Durga. This festival is celebrated differently by the different communities in India, where the state of Gujarat might enjoy a dancing spree of Garba, the state of West Bengal celebrates it as Durga Puja.Most of you enjoy a traditional feast on this holiday with your family, but some of us have the misfortunate to miss our friends and family on this occasion. People staying away from their families wish they could go back for one day and enjoy a hot meal with their loved ones.

FullonSMS understands how important your loved ones are and we try very hard to get you closer to them. If you are someone who could not go back home to enjoy this day with your family and are missing them, we will help you stay connected to them for not only this, but every festive occasion.

You can stay in touch with your adorable sibling and your loving parents by sending them Free SMS from our website. You can also wish close relatives a very special Navaratri by using some of our uniquely designed Navaratri or Durga Puja templates that are sweet and touching.

Distances ruin the fun of holidays, but staying in touch with your loved ones is all that matters. We as a leading Bulk SMS Service Provider understand this and try to get you in touch with your loved ones in the best way possible. After all we know that love knows no boundaries and we ensure it never has to.

How Digital Marketing Possibilities Benefits Your Business

In the world of business there is only one thing that does not change with time and that is competition. The competitive nature of these businesses drives every firm into adopting new advertising and marketing strategies almost every day. Read on this article to find the scope of digital marketing benefits in day to day changing marketing trends.

digital marketing

  • The foremost thing a new business should understand is creating brand awareness. A new brand that has just been launched in the market needs to grab users’ attention to survive in the competition. Digital marketing can be used to send Bulk SMS, Run Email Campaigns and promote the product by creating a fiasco in social media sites to gather the attention of users.
  • The digital world is huge and option is unlimited for a small enterprise therefore, Digital marketing companies or websites such as can help you explore all your options and expose to all the right marketing areas.
  • Digital Marketing specialists help you send the right image or information to your customers through social media. It is very necessary to send a very clear message to you audience as it affects your brand image.
  • Marketing tricks and strategies are constantly changing by each day. While most firms fail at traditional marketing you can ensure to create a successful marketing campaign with digital marketing possibilities.
  • Digital platforms are places where the whole world gathers around to find out what is new and happening, with digital marketing you could reach a huge audience based anywhere in the world and find out more about other markets.


4 Free Bulk Emailing Apps

Emails have become a huge part of our life, whether we are traveling or are inside the office checking our Emails are a must for all of us. Taking this habit into an advantage, many firms use the method of Bulk Emailing as a tool to promote their brands. Although Bulk Email Service providing websites such as are quite popular there are also proficient in Apps proficient in sending out Bulk Emails at once. Read this article to know more about these Bulk Mailer apps.


1. Bigg Mass Mailer


Bigg Mass Mailer is a free tool that helps you in mass mailings. It is a simple tool designed to be extremely user friendly to users, especially those who are new to this Bulk Email concept. The interface allows you to send out crisp straightforward mails to users.

2. e-Campaign

e campaign app screen

e-Campaign is a full featured mass E-mail tool fit to be used by firms wanting a more creative approach to their customers. This software allows you to send Emails in plain text or in HTML text, also the software is equipped with advanced reporting and tracking features.

3. MailList Controller Free

MailList Controller Free

MailList Controller Free is a user friendly app that gives new users a walk through before setting up your account. This professional app lets you design or create your own unique message. This software provides you uniquely created features to meet your basic as well as advanced requirements.

4. GroupMail Free Edition

group mail screen

GroupMail Free Edition is a free tool used to send out Bulk Emails. This app is beneficial if you want to store a large database on their server and use it for the purpose of sending out Bulk Emails. The app can store a large database on your behalf and even offer you other databases.

So now sending Bulk Emails without a laptop will no longer be a problem, all these apps are available at the touch of a touch.

Why Bulk SMS Service is a Direct and Immediate Marketing Channel

SMS Survey

A recent research has proven Bulk SMS to be the most immediate marketing channel available across the globe. 97 percent firms in the entire world opt for Bulk SMS Services as they are likely to be read within 15 minutes of being received; therefore sending across promotional offers to customers becomes easier. Read this article to know more on how Bulk SMS is a direct and immediate marketing channel or how you can take benefit of bulk SMS marketing in different sector.

Uses Short-Codes

SMS stands for the full form Short Message Service, which means that SMS include short messages or codes. It is also believed that you can generate a good amount of leads for your business by simple sending short messages to customers.

Can Easily Support Other Channels

You can easily share your websites or social media pages by sending out SMS that include the links to your pages. Most firms send SMS with a short message and referral link to customers to draw traffic on their websites.

Helps You Learn Your Customer

Bulk SMS is the most communicative way of advertising your product. Sending SMS can help you learn the tastes of your customer and also provide you important feedback for your service.

Firms are advised to choose a Bulk SMS service plan that suits their needs and budget accordingly, this will help the firm cover more customers for a significant amount of money. Also, firms can opt to run SMS campaigns once in a while for a new product promotion.

6 Things To Avoid In Your Bulk Emails


Bulk Email is the modern marketing tool used by almost all types of business today. Bulk Email is one such form of communication that allows a marketer to communicate with a large number of customers at the same time and also send personalized mails. An attractive Email is always helpful in catching the users’ attention and therefore should be carefully written to increase the number of interested buyers. This article will give you tips on what to not include in your Email and to make your Bulk Email Campaign a hit.

  • No Information: An Email with no information is not of much use to customers and therefore will not attract any potential buyers. Include useful information in your Emails to provide them insight.
  •  Too Much Information: Too much information in an Email can just lead to chaos. The attention of users can be grabbed by short and creative lines; no user will sit and read long boring messages. So keep your mail short and simple.
  •  Boring Subject Lines: Instead of going for boring subject lines try and include short catchy lines in your subject as they receive more clicks from users.
  • Sending Extra Large Images: If you include extra large images in your mail they will take a lot of time to load from the users end. A user will not wait long enough for them to load hence ignoring you mail altogether.
  •  Apologize: If you have been away for a while do not apologize and confess it to users, they probably did not notice your absence anyways. Carry on with your useful information to grab their attention.
  •  Mixed Up Locations: Your Emails go to users based anywhere and everywhere in the world. Include your exact locations such as city, area, building number and etc. to avoid any confusion.

Bulk Email Marketing requires special software available with various Bulk Email Service Provider Websites for example This software first takes individual Email address from an existing list and sends out a single Email to multiple users. 

The Different Benefits Bulk SMS Provides to Different Sectors

All sectors in the market are nowadays focused on promoting their products and services through every medium available. One of the most popular medium is the Bulk SMS. Although most business uses Bulk SMS to promote their brand however some sectors also use it to send users reminders. Nowadays almost all firms are making use of this popular marketing tool, take a look at how different sectors make use of this tool for their different purposes.

Educational Institutions:

educational image

Educational Institutions send SMS alerts to students regarding announcements of admission and their conformation. Also colleges and universities can alert the students about due fees and change in the class schedule.

IT Enabled Services:

it services


IT enabled sectors use Bulk SMS services to send across password reset, server downtime notifications and other such information to users. IT sectors also send SMS to inform customers to alert them of any changes and useful information.

Share Market:

share market image


The share market and brokers working in the market need this Bulk SMS service to receive and send notification on trade confirmation to client, update end day positions and notify and receive market news.


restaurant image

Restaurants attend a lot of customers’ everyday and some customers show their loyalty to a particular restaurant. These restaurants can use Bulk SMS to send offer details, special menu update, coupon codes and confirmation on table booking information to various clients.


railways train image


Railways use Bulk SMS service to send out reservation confirmation, train schedule and cancellation updates to users.



Banks make use of the Bulk SMS service by texting users’ information such as payment deposit confirmation, withdrawal information, password update and balance inquiry.

You can also use this service to promote your business by registering with any Bulk SMS Service Providing Website such as

4 Tips to Make Your Bulk SMS Marketing A Success

The Bulk SMS Marketing method has stuck around for so many years. A personalised SMS is the most convenient and cost effective advertising method for both large and small businesses. It helps business firms attract user attention by sending one SMS to multiple people. However, to grab the attention of users firms should really know how to target the interest of users through their SMS. The following 4 tips can help every firm create a better marketing Bulk SMS.

1. Knowledge of the Crowd:

crowd knowledge-bulk sms tips

Sending random Bulk SMS to users will never pitch up your sales. A business has to gain the complete knowledge of users and their interest in order to target the interested crowd or buyers. The crowd can be segregated in categories of sex, age, profession and location. Pitch in different SMS promotions to different categories to grab their attention.

2. Engagement:

tips bulk sms to engage people

make sure the content of the SMS you send is engaging otherwise the lack of interest will reflect on your sales. It is noticed that a catchy creative advertisement receives more response then a plain and simple one. Include catchy slogans and innovative content in your SMS to increase the response on your Bulk SMS.

3. Helpful Links:

tips for bulk sms

It is always helpful to provide links in your SMS that will direct a user to your website or webpage with just one click. This will also be efficient in increasing your web traffic.

4. Create Need:

create need tips bulk sms

Consumers buy products when they believe that they need them. Develop the urge of want in the minds of customers for example, provide exclusive offers or include discounts.

Hope when you start your bulk sms campaign ,you will keep in mind the above key points or  reach your bulk sms service provider for better understanding.

Effective Content Marketing Strategies


In this era of digitization, where every second person has an online website for their business, reaching the hearts of prospective audience has become a little more troublesome. However, the notion ‘Content is King’ is not that far off. One thing that makes any user attracted towards a website is how the website speaks to them, where all the content of the website is visible and if the content is promising to fulfil any of their basic needs.

Nevertheless, marketing content aimlessly, without any strong concrete marketing plan in place, cannot take this kingdom, that is, website, of yours to the height that it is supposed to reach. To nip this issue in the bud you need to have an extremely powerful content marketing strategy in hand.

In this article, we introduce three sure shot way of circulating your content to maximise the benefit you can reap from content marketing.


Approaching Owned and Earned Media:

There are two ways of getting your content available to your audience. One is via Owned Media, wherein, the web outlets where you publish the content are owned by you like website, blogs etc. In this medium you get the benefit of owning the content, which in turn helps to build your brand and make people aware about it. With higher brand awareness, the search engine ranking also gets benefitted.

The other way is by approaching Earned Media, in which case, the content is provided freely in the form of news coverage and by lined article. Here you avail the advantage of being exposed to not only your audience but also the users of other websites. This in turn, makes your brand even more popular and also provides you with authentic and credible links.

Sponsoring Content(Bought):


Sponsored content or articles are those pieces of content which are featured in editorial blogs or publications and give the feeling that they are supposed to be associated with that publication. In short the content is written keeping the style and rhythm of the media outlet in mind. This strategy helps to gain more brand awareness from that part of audience which the promoter has not touched yet. This results in better brand value, traffic on the website and links.

Syndicating content:


This is one of the best ways to improve your visibility on the Internet. If done properly you get the benefit of getting high reputation and at the same increasing brand awareness and value of your website. Syndicating content happens when your published content gets republished totally or partially in another website.

Although there are numerous ways of getting your content all over the Internet, the above three points makes sure that your written material gets the right exposure at the right time.