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5 out of the world slangs that people use over chat!

Slangs have become a part of speech for online chatting. And especially among the youth, the use of acronyms and cool names has become very popular.

I remember coming across situations where people right a couple of letters in capital and I have no idea what they mean by it. Have you ever too?

There are more slang names than you can imagine. The list is endless. But I have picked some which I found particularly hilarious and put it below. Enjoy reading!


You will spend nights guessing what this is. It means “Are we going to have to go through this again”. Well, I guess it would take longer for me to remember the acronym than just type the phrase! But yes this acronym exists!

2. CD9

Very cool one this is. It means “Code 9 (Parents are around)”. Teenagers are actually getting smarter than their parents it seems.

3. EOS

Cut down a lengthy argument with your friend with this. EOS. End of story.


This one you can try out on friends and act really cool. It is hilarious as I have heard JK, which means Just Kidding, but this one is too much. It means “Ha Ha Only Kidding”.


This one could really be helpful to you. So next time you send KISS to a girl and she gets offending and everything, you can take an excuse and say you meant only the acronym KISS, which means “Keep it Simple Silly”!!

There are a lot more fun things people can do over chatting. Do let us know if you have some really cool slangs that you use while chatting! And you can chat endless, because we have free text message always for you. You get out of messages, come back again on fullonsms and send free text from here. We also have bulk sms service. So no reasons to stop!

Is Happy Christmas & Merry New Year wrong?

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
cheerful and may the New Year
begin on a prosperous note!

December comes and the wishes for Christmas and New Year starts floating everywhere from your office to relatives & loved ones place. Even in conversations with your clients, friends and family. But while wishing them Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, have you ever wondered why Christmas is Merry and New Year is always preceded by ‘Happy’.

merry christmas and happy new year together pic

Is Happy Christmas & Merry New Year wrong?

Simply put if you wish people “Happy Christmas” and “Merry New Year”, you would not be wrong. In spite of the fact that you will feel as if what you are saying is wrong, grammatically you will still be right. As we greet people with Merry Christmas from the time we were kids, it feels weird on our tongue to say Happy Christmas.

However there is also reason for the above difference. Let’s start with meaning:

Meaning of Merry & Happy

Merry means cheerful and lively. On the other hand Happy means showing pleasure and contentment.
In context with above definition, there are two reasons why we feel Merry is right word for Christmas and Happy for New Year.

Scope of the word

The word merry represents joyfulness but for short term. That is when we send merry Christmas wishes SMS or message to anyone we prefix the wish with word ‘Merry’ to want them to be cheerful and happy for that one day alone. However, when we say Happy New Year, we wish that their next whole Year be good, which means the scope is long term.

Emphasis on the word

While sending Happy New Year SMS or message, the emphasis is on Year. Whereas, when we wish Merry Christmas, the emphasis is on the Christmas Day alone.

Verb Tenses

Another reason why Merry is used with Christmas is because the word Merry is generally applied with present tense whereas happy is with future tense. Thus, we always wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Now that you know the main reason behind the word Merry and Happy, start wishing your loved one with new belief and enthusiasm. But do you know that you can send these same wishes to everyone for free. The answer is:

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The changing phase of Indian Media

Indian media happens to be the most versatile and vulnerable body of the economy. It acts as the mirror of the country to the world and vice-versa. The actual task of media involves showing the real picture of the society to the whole world. But with the changing times, yellow journalism has influenced the media so adversely that everything is now sold instead of being served. The information these days is presented in such a way that the public gets attracted towards them, which has actually changed the basic purpose of their survival.

deepika padukone controversial picture

The recent story of a popular newspaper, Times of India describes a story where a renowned actress was highlighted as a result of publicity stunt. Though she was not deliberately doing that as it was a kind of wardrobe malfunction, but the media highlighted it so much that everyone started criticizing the actress for being the stunt player. But the actual case was totally different from that described by the leading newspaper. The controversy has become extremely popular on all the mediums now and people are taking it as hot news. In other terms, the actual motive of the news has been modified to make it all the more spicy and extreme to get attention of the public. This is a matter of serious concern in a country like India, where people rely on the different news channels and newspapers for the updates from across the world.

The means of communication happen to be the most important source of authentic and credible information for the masses. But if the mediums themselves forget their role then it becomes a serious issue for the public and the medium too. Thus, they need to be controlled and monitored by concerned authorities so as to ensure the easy and appropriate flow of information on both the ends. But there is one more medium that can be used as well; it is the means of communicating via messages or SMS. Now a day, many websites have started providing the facility of sending free messages online for the users. FullonSMS is one such website that allows the user to send free SMS to any mobile number in India. It is the most popular and convenient option to receive and send information without any extra cost.

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Because we can’t afford to miss the latest trends!

Watching videos on You Tube has not been the same anymore. The advertisements, subscriptions and of course the different type of content issues with the website obstruct the pleasure of enjoying them. It takes a lot of time to load the videos as the buffering process takes place while we are streaming through it. Apart from all of this, we need to remember the names of popular videos, artists, channels etc. in order to save our time and feel the pleasure of watching our favorites. But this is again a big challenge and we are too lazy to make an effort to note down all the names of the popular websites.

Things have changed in the present scenario; everything has to be quick and fast. We hardly remember the popular videos so we save them in the form of bookmarks or cookies on our system or laptop. But is it really convenient for us? What if we do not want to share it with others and what we have someone else using our computer? Well, there are many problems and issues and none of them have a good solution.

fullonsms trending

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fullonsms quiz

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fullonsms quiz 1

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“Comedy Nights with Kapil” is closing soon: Rumour or a fact?


Comedy Nights with Kapil. What is the future?

Now, that is going to be a harsh on each of us if the rumor turns out true. Comedy Nights with Kapil is my one and only favorite show. I just seriously hope that it is only a rumor. From the wailing and sordid tales of housewives shows this was indeed like a breath of good fresh air. My first reaction is indeed of a denial and then

Comedy Nights With Kapil

the next one of an inquiry. Now, I just cannot believe that such a successful show is ending. It is number one comedy show on air these days. My inquiry is pure and simple. Why? Answer is that there is probably lack of funds or maybe they are going to revamp and change the style. Latter seems to be more the appropriate reason. Accept the reasons and move on. No need to feel low and angry.

Rumors genuinely put us in a deep introspective thought. TV shows closing does not affect our lives in a big way unless you are linked financially with them. In case there are rumor which are attached with your professional and personal life then it is best to sort out instantly. Having said that, the post blues affect us as that is what we look forward to during meal times or maybe when discussing with a friend.

Here is how to handle, show closure blues:

  1. Take their DVD series collection or start recording the serials.

In case the show is going on you could start recording. Else you could watch them on YouTube. Lastly you could purchase their DVD collection and enjoy in your free time.

  1. Write to the producer and tell them about how you appreciate the show.

It is a good idea to send those emails or text messages of appreciation to the producer of the show. You could send an article of praise or a blog post which can be published and read by the fans. Fans of the show can give you deeper information and connect with you for a common reason.

  1. Discuss with friends, send them texts or even throw a party!

Sometimes it works well if you share your feelings with your fellow friends. This helps you to feel better as you realize that you are not the only one feeling like this. You could even throw a party with the TV show theme and have fun with friends.


  1. Read about the show and its surrounding issues.

On most of the occasions there are financial or personal reasons which compel the producer to shut down. Try checking their website and social media pages to get to the depth of the information. Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach.

“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.” 
 J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  1. Follow your favorite star in some other show

Your star could become a movie star or would be stepping into a new profession. Whatever be the case, follow him and you will soon be opening new avenues for yourself.

Comedy Nights with Kapil 1

  1. Emulate the show’s ideas and Create your show at home

It may sound silly but try this. Write a funny script and invite your friends over. You could even do with your family members. It could turn out to be most memorable moment of your life and who knows it could trigger some new ideas.

Log in to FullonSMS and send free sms to share these ideas with your friends. Create a group to discuss the rumors, feelings and your views. Life is beautiful. Keep enjoying and smiling.

Messages of absolute jubilation floated as Millions of GERMAN fans wish on the World Cup Win

Red, black and yellow flags waved across all over as Germany beat Argentina in the World cup final. Tears roll down the painted faces of German fans while Argentina’s fans were left in a state of shock.

Germany beat Argentina in the World cup final

An intense and tight game unfolded with both teams playing pretty good. German team’s victory was thrilling and really cheerful. It got smiles on the faces of the crowd as they started texting.

“Better team always wins” was unanimous message sent. “They earned it” said the other.


“Germany wins the #WORLD CUP. Mario Goetze was the savior and became a national Hero” was the major update across the globe. He truly is a national champion. “Germans are the champions” and many such powerful updates and wishes went across. The team won the cup for the people of Deutschland. People left their work and congratulated or wished each other.

World cup win electrified the nation and sort of also symbolized the nation’s top presence and dominance in the sports world. It also somehow sends signals of their might and their strong global comeback. Underlying tone behind each message shared was the message of victory and pride.

german fanss

People hugged, cheered. They sent each other messages and texted. Fireworks exploded and the sound of win resonated everywhere. People were in good mood. The spirit of cheer and good wishes will continue for a long time. This dramatic win could even bring an upswing in the economy of the nation.


Argentina felt desolated and dejected. Lionel Messi was left in tears. They gave a tough fight to Germans but were left disappointed. They played some good football. There can only be one winner.


Life goes on. So, my dear friends do not feel sad when you lose. Cheer up and encourage those who cannot reach their goals. One should not lose hope. Be with your friends when they are going through a tough time. Stay in touch.

fan sending sms

Each and every consolation counts and gives strength. Send your precious messages to your friends both in good and bad times. Keep the spirit alive by sending messages to them.  Send Free SMS through this website and build a wonderful world of love and care.

Internet kay bina jindagi hai adhuri!

I just moved from one city to other. And I have to tell you that without internet I felt ‘lost’. Virtual connections and relationships are not personal but they somehow make you feel sane. Internet is a friend. Without internet most people feel lonely. Most teenagers cannot switch off their phone only when battery is dying or they are being spammed. It sounds ridiculous to those who are not addicted to the internet but for most it is a feeling of no or zero existence if there is no internet.

Internet users

Life without internet makes one feel helpless. People try all sorts of tactics to get internet. Common tactics are to go to a cyber cafe, try locating neighbor’s Wi-Fi which does not have a password or go to a friend’s house. Laptop and phones feel lifeless without internet.

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera

Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

This song is for the internet lady in our life. Almost nothing gets done without internet. Internet has become most notable and reliable part of our lives. It is hard to imagine what will happen without Internet. Lot of businesses, institutions, projects have web as their main resource. Internet has granted unlimited freedom and power. It has a created a powerhouse of ideas and vision. This has been a magnificent gift to the mankind.

Internet is not just wires and crossover of wires. It is the database of knowledge. Every bit of information either big or small is on the web. It hosts all the data and information to enhance our knowledge and ability. Web is a huge success and made people very vulnerable. It has also added different complexities and added several channel of intricacies. People are not recalling and adapting old medieval times when things were simpler and easier.

Internet can be destroyed by cyber war and terror. This may sound fictional but can become real. There are lot of stories floating on how cyber games have been played between nations and power groups to destroy each other.

Internet has made it feasible to share and connect with people. It is like a true friend listening and providing help in times of need. It provides reliable and accurate data. Internet websites offer many facilities for communication and contact through voice, image, email and text. There are websites where recharge facility on your phone is possible. You could use free SMS service too. It has become very popular to use such options as they are free of cost and can be done any time of the day.

Internet has always been, and always will be, a magic box.

Marc Andeerssen

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Facebook Mantra – Things you should do to be a Facebook Celebrity

How to become a Facebook Celebrity


Send Free SMS | Fullonsms

Design yourself a cover pic : People say that first impression is the last impression. Likewise on facebook apart from your posts and pictures what one view first time he lands on your page is your cover picture. Design yourself a cover picture that describes your personality in the best light.

facebook cover
Post the best profile picture: Select the best pic as your profile photo. Photographs play vital role in keeping your friends updated with the latest happening in your life. But posting too many of them reduces the interest of friends. Try posting the best pics of the different events in your life.

facebook celebrity
Likes : Whether you like somebody or not but you should ensure to like his posts / comments. As a reciprocal, you would start receiving maximum likes on your posts / pics / comments.

Facebook-likeTimeline : If you don’t focus on your lifeline, you may be excused but if you don’t focus on your timeline then you might risk yourself losing some friends. Keep regular updates of your timeline and respond whenever post of a close friend appears on your timeline.

facebook timeline
Birthday & Anniversaries : Facebook offers you the advantage by automatically notifying Birthday and other events and if you chose to receive such notifications through SMS you can always please your friends with timely wishes.

birthday alert
Friend requests: Never fail to respond to a friend requests but ensure that the one you confirm are genuine profiles.

friend requests
Air you views on trending topics: Keep pace with the latest happenings around the world. It is important that you post facts and comments on such issues. Your friends are more likely to engage with posts that are related to subjects that are on top of their minds such as current events or festivals.

facebook trending
Be proactive: Develop a posting strategy. Keep yourself informed well in advance for the events / festivals and birthdays that are to occur and prepare special posts for special events and friends.
Update your Profile: One crucial factor to stay connected with like-minded people is to complete your profile and regularly update it. Write a short yet catchy introduction about yourself, add your offices, school colleges and your favorite quotation, always update your contact information and on the top of it keep your movie, music, tv-shows, sports section updated.

update facebook profile
Hiding what is irrelevant: Hiding / block obscene users and hide irrelevant posts so that you can concentrate on the important events being reflected on your timeline.

Apps & Games: Impress your friends with your scores on the free games available on facebook. invite your friends to play along you or challenge them to break your record. Use funky apps available on facebook to impress your friends.

Groups: Join more and more group that suit your interests and personality. Actively participate in the group and try to lead the conversations. Within months you would be overflowed with friend requests.

Facebook groups
Finally when you reach the milestone of 5000 friends and no more friend requests are allowed, it is time to create a facebook page of yours just like other celebrities have. Enjoy the fan-following. You can Share these tips with your friends by Sending Unlimited free SMS through  Fullonsms and clicking on secret message.

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Budget 2014 Highlights



  • There have been no changes in tax rate. Tax exemption limit has been simply raised from Rs.2 Lakhs to Rs.2.5 Lakhs. So those earning 25000 to 30000 per month need to pay taxes if they do some savings too.
  • Savings / investment limit under Section 80C has been raised from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakhs which is a good news for those citizens who believe in savings.
  • PPF limit has been raised to Rs 1.5 lakh per year. Another good news for the Taxpayers is that Housing Loan rebate has been raised from 1.5 lakhs to 2 lakhs.
  • The Senior citizens has something theto cherish about. Saving exemption limit for them has been raised to Rs 3 lakh per annum.

House wives, & General Public


  • For Housewives, there is some good news and some bad. Whereas costs of Color TVs / LED TVs, cotton clothes, leggings, Oil & Oil products, shoes and soaps have been reduced but government has increased the duties on Cosmetics.
  • Costs of bottled / packaged consumer goods would go down as the government has decided to reduce duties on food processing. Duties on Medicines & all solar powered products have also been reduced.
  • The FM has assured that steps would be taken to boost supply of vegetables and reduce the juicy margins. Hoarding of essential commodities would be made a non-bailable offence.
  • A Price Stabilization Fund of Rs.500 crores has been setup to fight inflation.
  • Cigarettes Cigar, Pan Masala, Gutka, Tobacco and Tobacco products would be costlier. Bottled Juice and aerated water products with added sugar ie. cold drinks (such as Pepsi, Coke etc.) to be costlier.
  • Travelling in Radio Taxi & availing Catering facility would now cost you more.

Youths and Students

Budget 2014

  • Youths can cheer as the costs of Mobile, Laptops and Computers would go down. However, youths who like show-off their branded and designer clothes in their friend circle would have be shelve out more money for the Branded clothes with increase in duties.
  • There is further good news for students as the government has decided to setup four more AIIMS and 5 more IITs and IIMs. This would increase the overall seats of Engineering, Medical & Management aspirants in the IITs & AIIMs and going to create more job opportunities for them.

Defence Personnel

Defense| Fullonsms

  • Saluting the Real Heroes of the Nation, the government has approved the ‘One Rank One Pension’ policy for defence personnel which would benefit over 25 lakhs retired military personnel.
  • 49 % FDI has been allowed in the Defence Sector to boost production of defense equipments locally.

For Farmers

Budget 2014 |Fullonsms

  • The FM has tried to outline a road-map for modernization of agriculture techniques in India with a budgetary allocation of Rs 100 crore for setting up an “Agri-Tech Infrastructure Fund”
  • A 1000 crore scheme “Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana” has been initiated to provide assured irrigation.
  • Several Agriculture Research Centre and 100 mobile laboratories are to be setup and Rs.100 earmarked for Soil Health Card Scheme.

For North-East

  • Rs.1,000 crore for rail connectivity, Rs.2,000 crore for road connectivity and Rs.100 crore to promote ‘Organic Farming’ in North-East.
  • A 24×7 news channel called ‘Arun Prabha’, will be started in the northeast region.

For Ganga

Budget 2014

  • The Holy river seems to be the biggest gainer with the FM allocating Rs 2037 crore to clean up Ganga under the ‘Namami Ganga’ Project and a separate NRI fund has been setup to receive donations for conservation of ganga.
  • Rs 100 crore has also been set aside for development and beautification of the ghats at Kedarnath, Haridwar, Kanpur, Varanasi, Allahabad, Patna and Delhi.