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Don’t Miss Out On Family This Chhath Puja

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Chhath Puja is an ancient Hindu Vedic festival dedicated to the Sun God. This festival is popularly celebrated in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand and eastern UP. This is a three day festival where apart from praying to the Sun God, people enjoy the get together with friends and family. However, this Chhath Puja might not be the moment of celebration for all of us. Some people are misfortunate enough to spend this festive season rotting in their offices buried under piles of urgent work. At such times the only thing a person craves for is a one holiday which he could spend with his loved ones. understands how important your loved ones are and we try our best to get you closer to them. If you are someone who could not go back home to enjoy Chhath Puja with your family and are missing them or are missing a member of your family who could not join the lavish celebration of Chhath Puja, we will help you stay connected to them for not only this, but every festive occasion.

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Distances can tarnish the fun of holidays, but staying in touch with your loved ones can restore the lost joy in festivals. We as a leading Bulk SMS Service Provider understand the need of loved ones to stay connected and try to get you in touch with your loved ones in the best way possible. After all we know that love knows no boundaries and we ensure it never has to.

Baisakhi – Harvest Festival of India


Baisakhi is one such festival which is celebrated all over India, especially in North side with great enthusiasm and pomp and merriment. Most of the schools, colleges and offices give a holiday on this day. Baisakhi is one such festival which is directly connected with harvest of all the farmers and as such is also known as harvest festival.

Significance of Baisakhi:

Baisakhi generally falls in the month of April that too most of the time on 13th day of the month. But it might also occur on 14th April once in 36 years. There multiple reasons behind the celebration of Baisakhi:

  • Punjabi New Year:

    Baisakhi onsets the new year for the whole of Punjab state. On this day the whole state experiences holiday from schools, colleges and other work places.

  • Harvest Festival:

    Another reason of celebrating is for a good harvest for all the farmers. People thank God on this day for providing a good and healthy harvest.

  • Marking of Khalsa Panth:

    One of the main reason for Vaisakhi is that on this day tenth Sikh leader, Guru Gobind Singh Ji established Khalsa Panth. Sikh started celebrating Baisakhi after the declaration was made that Granth Sahib, which is the holy scripture of Sikhs, should be treated as the everlasting Guru.


Celebration of Baisakhi:

Although the festival is celebrated all over India with great pomp and enthusiasm, the celebration that take place in Punjab is another story altogether. The morning specially consist of serious rituals, as the festival is started by visiting Gurdwara specially by the whole Sikh community where first kirtans and discourses are listened by everyone very religiously. After listening to folklores, religious songs and completing the prayers, Kada Prasad is served. The function comes to an end with serving of langar by volunteers.

Although the festival is by and large connected to Punjab, it is enjoyed all over India with dance, music and food. Celebrate this day of happiness and joy with your family and friends by wishing them through calls, messages or even by sending free baisakhi SMS to them via free SMS sites.

12 Best Baisakhi Greetings

baisakhi greetings

Top 11 Before and After Playing Holi Tips

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For decades now, Holi has been one of the most loved and enjoyed festival of India, the other being Diwali. In earlier times only authentic and safe colours were used to play Holi while nowadays anything and everything is used from tomatoes to eggs to mud.

These new substances used can have quite an adverse effect not only on our skin but also on our health. But does this mean that we stop enjoying one of the best festivals played with joy and enthusiasm all over India?

Actually, no because today in this article we tell you some tips and tricks to remain safe this Holi without staying inside the house.

Before you step out of your house, wish your immediate family as well as send sweet Holi messages to all your near and dear ones and keep in mind the following tips:

  • Ensure that the clothes you wear for playing Holi covers maximum part of your body. Less skin comes in contact with colour, better it will be.
  • Apply as much moisturizer as you can to every inch of your body. Trust us, it works wonders and is absolutely necessary even if you are covered with clothes from head to toe.
  • To keep your hair safe from these toxic chemicals, cover your hair with oil, preferably a good quality coconut oil.
  • Apply a thick coat of nail paint, darker shade if possible, on both your hand and feet to keep your nails safe and away from damage. You can apply more than one coat as per your comfort.
  • While choosing clothes for Holi make sure that they are old and something which is very comfortable on your skin. Avoid jeans, if possible, as after getting wet, jeans material clothes become heavier to handle.

Now that you have played Holi and are back at home, time has come to remove those colours off your skin. But while doing so keep following points in mind:

  • Do not scrub your skin every few hours with soap as that will create more damage by making skin dry and might also result in rashes.
  • Use normal water to wash off the colour as hot water tends to stick the colour more into the skin.
  • Cream/ milk based cleanser or baby oil works very beautifully to remove colour from the skin in a smooth and irritation free manner.
  • Do not in any circumstance use kerosene, petrol, spirit or any similar product to remove the colour. This will only further damage your skin.
  • Till the time colour is not washed away satisfactorily from your skin and hair, avoid direct contact of sunlight as much as possible.
  • Some redness and itchiness in eyes is normal, but if the irritation persists hours after the party, then immediately get in touch with a doctor.


The above points help you to play Holi safely and with precautions. But Holi festival is also another perfect excuse to get in touch with your loved ones by sending those Holi SMS which remind them of your presence and care forever. In these times there are many websites which offer creative messages in all sorts of language. Send some Holi SMS in Hindi or your local language and keep your relations blossoming for times to come.

Celebrate the Day of Love with FullonSMS

14TH February- The day which is known to be the Day of love. It is celebrated all over the world as Valentine’s Day, dedicated to all the lovers and their bond of love. It is associated with true love and people dedicate it to the ones they love. But do we know the real meaning and importance of the day. There are many misconceptions about this event as different people know different stories.

The History of Valentine’s Day


Saint Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine,is a holiday observed on February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, although it is not a holiday in most of them. Three hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ, the Roman emperors still demanded that everyone believe in the Roman gods. Valentine, a Christian priest, had been thrown in prison for his teachings. On February 14, Valentine was beheaded, not only because he was a Christian, but also because he had performed a miracle. He supposedly cured the jailer’s daughter of her blindness. The night before he was executed, he wrote the jailer’s daughter a farewell letter, signing it “From Your Valentine.” Another legend tells us that this same Valentine, well-loved by all, received notes to his jail cell from children and friends who missed him.

Valentine’s Day celebrations

happy valentines day sms

Since it is an event which is celebrated worldwide, there are different ways of celebrating it. Some devote their day for their loved ones, other worship the saint and some spend time with their family. On the whole, it is a day when everyone shares the bond of love and togetherness. It’s the best occasion to open your heart up to the ones you love, so send a Valentine Day SMS to your loved ones and make them feel special.

There are many websites that offer free messages that are based on main events and festivals. is one such website that allows you to send messages to your friends and loved ones. You can pick a special message for your loved one and share it with them to express your love.

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Do You Believe In True Love??

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Things have changed in the present scenario; everything has to be quick and fast. We hardly remember the popular videos so we save them in the form of bookmarks or cookies on our system or laptop. But is it really convenient for us? What if we do not want to share it with others and what we have someone else using our computer? Well, there are many problems and issues and none of them have a good solution.

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Communication evolution of independent India

67 years of Independence has resulted in numerous development and innovation. One such innovation is of mobile texting or as most commonly called SMS. To make SMS more popular, there are various websites which provide standard form of message ranging

Telegraph Telegram

from humor to sensitive and serious to knowledgeable which are mostly related to particular kind of topic, event or happening like political views, festivals, birthdays, anniversaries etc, which can be used by an individual to send them to their relatives, friends and other loved ones.

But this sort of hi-tech innovations has only been possible after communication development in the Free India. Telecommunication Development after Independence has led to many comforts like mobile communication, broadband communication etc, which has boosted the lifestyle of every individual. At the time of British invasion only communication was through letters. However, during the British rule communication developed from letters to electronic telegraphs to wireless telegraphs, radio telegraph and telephone and trunk dialing.Trunk dialing remained in India for


around a decade and also remained to be the most popular form of communication at the time of Independence. Another change occurred in 1975 when Department of Telecom (DOT) was given the responsibility of telecom service of the full country. Telecom Sector, further, saw another change in 1990 when it was opened up by the Government for the purpose private investment. However, government control over telecom sector was reduced in 1995 by the establishment of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), who took up the mantle to control all the tariff and policy making of this sector. As telecommunication allowed very less mobility it had to give up its place to wireless communication, which is mobile communication and emails.

Wireless communication works with the help of satellite connection and do not need any electric point to function, which helps in communicating to other people while on move very easy. All an individual needs is a mobile and he is good to go. Mobile was invented in the year 1973 in the world by Motorola but was introduced in India on 31st July 1995. Earlier it was used only for calling other people but now it can be used for clicking photographs, sending texts and mails, keeping a track of your

Latest Technology

social networking sites. SMS (Short Message Service) and Emails (Electronic Mails) have led to faster communication of messages. Now people can send all sorts of messages to their loved ones within seconds. Suppose a person want to send an Independence Day SMS to his loved ones on 15 August only then all he has to do is type the message on his mobile and select the contacts and press send. The message will be delivered within seconds. To promote the feeling of being an Indian, user can also send Independence Day Message in Hindi.

Independence day

Just like mobile phones replaced Landline telephone in most of the India, Emails has also taken the place of letter. Emails are nothing but electronic form of letters which are faster and more easy to use. Users can send long mails and messages in bulk to all his contacts simultaneously. For example user can send patriotic Independence Day message to all his contacts in just a few minutes on that very day itself.

Thus, we can say that there has been epic development in telecommunication sector after 67 years of Independence and can only imagine what further 67 years can bring. Send Unlimited free SMS through Fullonsms and create a spirit of patriotism and unity.

Essence of Raksha Bandhan

Relationship between a brother and his sister is the purest bond found on Earth. To honor this bond of love and mischievousness, the festival of Raksha bandhan is celebrated all over India, Mauritius and parts of Nepal. It generally takes place on the full moon day of Shravan month of the Hindu calendar. The festival in its crux,


describes the enchanting relation between a sister and her brother, wherein sister ties the rakhi on the wrist of her brother, while praying for his well being and at same time expressing her love for him. In return, the brother vows to protect his sister from all the evils and problems, she might have to face in the future.

Rakhi celebration

It is common knowledge that all of the Indian festivals have originated in the honor of Gods. Rakhi is, however, one such custom which even gods, themselves, held great belief in, which can be seen in some of the legends linked to this tradition. One of the most common legends, perhaps, is the sister-brother relationship between lord Krishna and Draupadi. One of the versions of this myth claims that during the war between Lord Krishna and King Shishupal, Lord Krishna survived the war with a bleeding finger. Draupadi, who saw the bleeding, tore a piece of her saari and tied it around the wrist of Krishna to stop the bleeding. The lord bounded himself to Draupadi, as her brother, in return of her affection and care and stated that he would help her out in her distress. The lord fulfilled his promise by elongating Draupadi’s saari and saving her from the shame, during the game of dice, where Pandavas lost Draupadi to Duryodhana, who in turn ordered removal of Draupadi’s saari.

raksha bsndhsan gift

Another myth associated to this festival is that of between Roxana and King Porus. During the invasion of India by Alexander the Great in 300 BC, his wife sent a rakhi message to King Porus along with the Rakhi and appealed him to not kill her husband. To keep the honor of Roxana’s rakhi, the king spared Alexander’s life in the war later on.

With the festival being thousands of years old, it has incorporated many rituals. The most common ritual that is followed by everyone is preparation of thali which consist of roli, chawal, diya, rakhi and some

Rakhsha Bandhan

mithai (mostly the favorite of the brother). The ritual commence with a puja performed in front of the God, which is then followed by tying of the rakhi thread by sister on her brother’s wrist and putting chawal and roli on his forehead, while wishing and praying for his happiness and good will. It is completed by feeding mithai to the brother and in return brother promises to stand by his sister in all her highs and lows. The brother returns the sentiment of love in a physical form of gifts.

As proven above, Raksha Bandhan festival helps to strengthen the relation between sisters and their brothers. Sometimes brothers and sisters might not be residing in the same cities, in such cases sisters’ mail their rakhi with a soulful and lovable Raksha Bandhan Message to their brothers to remind them of the love and support that they still have back home. However, in this day of technology and mobile innovations, it is even easier for sisters to connect with their brother by sending Raksha Bandhan SMS. So let’s take a vow to always be connected with our brother / sisters as this is one relation which can never be replaced.