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FullonSMS is now Providing Trending Widget to its users

Trending section of our website helps all the members to remain in the know-how of the world around them and keep an eye on the regularly changing trends. This part of the website gains maximum traffic due its diverse range of posts from videos to articles and just images.

Your Website

fullonsms trending widget image

Well here is the GREAT NEWS for all the members of especially those who have their own website or blogs. The news is that now you can display the trending section of the website on your own site or blog. All you have to do is copy and paste the given code in your website’s HTML code page wherever you want the section to flash.


Simply Copy and paste the below HTML code to get the above Widget.

HTML Code: <iframe src=”” align=”center” width=”400″ height=”250″ frameBorder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Another fact about the code is that all the elements are customizable. You can change the value of width, height, frame border and scrolling according to your requirements and as per your website’s needs.

For more Click this link 

Send SMS from PC to Mobile with

pc to mobile sms fullonsms

The evolution of technology has made the process of communication even more easy and effective. The mediums/methods of communication have also developed and changed a lot. There are a number of ways in which one can connect to others without even paying any cost for that. Phone calls have been replaced by messages or SMS. Many platforms provide free communication to the users without charging any amount of money for the same. These days, many websites have started serving their users with the facilities with the help of which they can even send SMS/messages from PC to Mobile from anywhere and to any number in the country.

The websites allow the easy flow of communication from one end to another and ensure that the users get the best experience while using their services. is one such website that provides an interface to its users through which they can connect with any of their friends, relatives and others with the help of using their Free Messaging services. The users can send SMS to any number in India, anytime that too without any extra cost. To use the services, the users need to register themselves on the website and they can start sending SMS as soon as the process gets over.

Apart from sending the messages to mobile, one can send PC to Mobile SMS without any troubles. The interface has been designed in a user-friendly way and can be accessed with ease. It is a very convenient option for the users who use PCs more often than mobiles as they can reach their friends on their mobiles, without facing any kind of difficulty.

FullonSMS is the website that allows all its users to connect freely and easily to all their contacts and communicate with them without any extra cost. You can also become a user of the website by signing up with your Google or Facebook account and send Free SMS to any mobile in the country without paying for it.

So, forget about your mobile bills, simply logon to and communicate at your own convenience.

Express yourself better with


CommunicationCommunication is a vital part of every human being’s life. We love to talk, share and gossip with each other whether we are in a good mood or a bad mood. It’s not that we have to do it but actually we can’t stay without talking to each other. Some of us are so keen and dedicated to communicate that we do not even miss the chance on the dining table or even in the middle of a formal conversation. In simple words, a normal human being could never survive without interacting with the people present around him. We always need someone with whom we can share, talk, laugh, relax and clear certain doubts as well. The situation is even better when we find a person who knows our mother tongue language as we are most comfortable while communicating in the same. Basically, language is the only thing that unites us besides all other differences; it gives us a common platform and feeling which cannot be compared to anything in this world.

We often meet people from different castes, religions, regions, nationality etc. who are different in many aspects; but one common term makes them feel alike i.e. the language in which they connect to each other. Once we start communicating in the same language we develop it as a habit and use it almost everywhere, like while sending any SMS, mail, invitation etc. But when it comes to connecting in written form, we lack many resources. Either we do not have the required font/language or we do not know how to type (in the case of mobile or computer). Then we usually adopt the slang language, which is actually a mixture of our favorite and the common language. But what of you get a chance of sending any text message in your own native language. Yes, this is possible only with The Multilingual SMS feature offered by this website helps you send SMS in more than 15 Indian languages, with the help of which, you can express yourself in an effective way.
The feature provides you the option of sending a text message in different languages and sends it to any mobile number in the country. Hence, you get the freedom of expression and words. Thus, you can send SMS to all your relatives, old friends and those who share the bond of common language with you.

Try this amazing feature today only at and share memories with your old friends and relatives today, because nothing can better than speaking and communicating your mother tongue.

Mobile Website

Create mobile website

Maintaining website in this hi tech digital is no easy task. You have to update content, image etc on your site regularly to keep it at the top, without loosing on your intended target audience and regular users. However, creating one has become easier for all and every one. All you need is internet connection and register on with their valid mobile number and active email id.

Fullonsms is a free SMS website, which is used by many Indians for its unbelievable SMS delivery speed and many unique features which perfectly compliments its main service of sending messages. Features like attaching video greetings, cool wallpapers; coding message in various Indian languages, embedding youtube video links etc in the message offers users more enhanced and vibrant experience of sending a simple message to their loved ones.

One of the recently launched premium feature by the website is called Mobile Website. Through this feature users can create their own websites in just few clicks and can also add different attributes to it, such as:

  • Title and subtitles.
  • Unique and personal logo for the website.
  • Content and images.
  • Even personally created forms etc

Mobile website feature is one of the unique services not available with many websites. However, Fullonsms users can now create websites without much effort. So just logon to Fullonsms and create your own websites in just few minutes.

Advance Reporting – Fullonsms Feature

One of the latest trends rampant in communicating world is digital communication, that is, via SMS, whatsapp, facebook messenger etc. To enhance the SMS experience of mobile users, there are many online websites which allow their registered users to send free SMS. This SMS is either free of cost or the users are prizes of same cost for each SMS.

One such website is called Fullonsms. This site allows its registered users to send SMS to any Indian mobile number without paying a single penny for it. Users can send group SMS,schedule SMS for forthcoming events, send videos, wallpapers and greet their loved ones with personalized message for free. The website also regularly provides interesting and unique services to its users and has recently come out with a service called Advance Reporting.

FullonSMS SMS Advanced Delivery Reposrt

Advance Reporting is one of the premium feature launched to provide users with information regarding the status of the SMS sent by them along with the reasons for failed delivery of any message. Some of the important characteristics of this service are as follows:

  • MIS from where user can send multiple SMS at the same time.
  • Check delivery status of the send messages.
  • Reasons for failed delivery can also be informed to the users via this service.
  • Delivery status can also be viewed in graphical formation.
  • Users can also save their favorite message templates and can further customize them as per their comfort.

Sending SMS via online websites doesn’t always guarantee on-time delivery of the message.There many reasons due to which message might take time to be delivered or might not get delivered at all, such as:

  • Lack of Network Connectivity.
  • No network connection in the recipients end.
  • Some technical difficulty from the end of Website.

These and many other reasons result in late or no delivery of the message sent by the users.Advance Reporting feature helps to inform users the reason behind this late delivery or no-delivery at all. This feature is quite unique in its own sense as there are not many websites which would like to inform their user’s reason behind failed delivery of messages and as such is not provided by these websites for their users.

Fullonsms website also allows its users to connect with their loved ones and family for free,that is, without paying a single penny. Users can send messages to their contacts in any Indian language, can embed video links, add URL of any website, send customized messages to greet for all types of occasions like festivals, birthdays, anniversaries etc.So just logon to Fullonsms and take benefit of many unique features along with free SMS service.

Ads Free SMS and Interface – Fullonsms Feature

One of the easiest ways to earn money via website is by posting ads on their sites. However this can be quite annoying for the users of these online sites. These ads interfere with smooth working of the users and thus results in unsatisfactory experience for them. In such digital world, there are very few websites, which pass on this easy opportunity of earning money. One such website is called

This website was started with the purpose of offering users free SMS service. They allow their registered users to send single or group SMS to any Indian mobile number without charging even a single penny for it. Besides sending personal messages users can greet their loved ones with video greeting, send cool and funky wallpapers and can even change covers of their Facebook profile in just few clicks.

FullonSMS – Send Ads Free SMS

One of the best qualities of this website is new and interesting features that it keeps on launching at regular basis. Recently it came up with a feature which provides ads free experience to its users. There are two parts of this feature, namely:

  • Ads Free Interface:

    This feature offers the user completely ad free experience with the website. So while user is compiling a message or changing their Facebook cover or probably playing games offered by the website, they do not have to worry about accidentally clicking on an ad and then coping with the consequences of accidental clicking.

  • Ad Free SMS:

    The second part of this new and exciting feature is those users do not have to worry about accidentally sending unneeded ads along with their message. They can take the advantage of ad free SMS feature and send just the personalized message along with user selected video, wallpapers, video link etc without any ads.

These features allow users to experience ad free online surfing and provide enhanced SMS service by just logging on Fullonsms website with their registered mobile number and password.

Play and Learn with the Quiz only at FullonSMS

Are you good with your General Knowledge? Is your IQ level perfect? Then let’s test your intelligence level with the latest Quiz questions on . You can brush up your General Knowledge with the daily quiz questions available on the website. Here are the steps to that will guide you how to play and enhance your knowledge along with sending a free SMS:

1. Logon to FullonSMS : You can directly click on the URL to reach the website or simply type FullonSMS in the search bar of your browser and you will land up to the website.
2. Click on the Play Quiz Option: Once you reach the home page, you can see different tabs and categories on the same. Scroll down the home page and click on the Daily Quiz category at the bottom of the page.

fullonsms quiz

3. Enjoy and Update your Knowledge by playing the Quiz: The interesting quiz questions will definitely be a fun to play and you can upgrade your knowledge with the latest information provided in the form of questions and polls.

fullonsms quiz 1

FullonSMS brings an opportunity for you to play, learn and you to brush up your knowledge and skills along with the ability to send free messages throughout the country. If you are a learner, you can learn and if you are a genius, you can test your ability and know your IQ level. Start the fun & join the club of knowledge only with FullonSMS .

Why trending section on Fullonsms is so popular? is a vibrant website offering much more than just free SMS services. Users can send video greeting, quotes, and wallpapers to their family and friends to wish for festivals, special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. One of the best features about Fullonsms is its Trending Service. Trending service offers users quotes, articles, videos, etc on current and upcoming topics which has resulted in increase of its popularity by a large number.

Fullonsms trending


There are also numerous other reasons for its popularity such as:

Categories: This section showcases wide range of categories such as articles, videos, quotes, jokes, SMS, pictures. Users can also use this service to send trendy messages through Whatsapp by using Whatsapp category. Hollywood and Bollywood categories offer news surrounding celebrities and their work.

Consistent Posts: Some websites offer interesting articles and stories, but the consistency of their posts is not regular. Fullonsms trending section posts articles, videos, quotes etc at a regular interval which makes the user more loyal to the website. Moreover the topics cover latest happenings around the world and keep the user up to date with the world.

Wide Range of Emotions: The topics of the trending section depict different range of emotions. You can find articles and videos on sensational topics to funny and sarcastic. Videos on current topics are also available for the user’s perusal.

So what are you waiting for? Just logon to with your mobile number and password and get discovering new and trendy topics in a totally twisted way.


Fullonsms Mobile Locator is a website which offers user numerous services apart from sending free SMS to any mobile phone in India. Users can send personalized greetings to their relatives and friends by the way of video greetings, wallpapers and quotes ranging from funny to serious to inspirational. A new feature added by the website is called Mobile Locator which allows the user to locate the region in which the mobile phone is present. To use this feature follow the listed steps carefully:

Step 1> Logon to the website with your registered mobile number and password on the following URL:



Step 2> Type the code in the given space shown on the Captcha to prove that you are a human.


Step 3> After successful login you will land on the home page of the website. Click on Mobile locator tab.


Step 4> Mobile locator page offers two options: Mobile Locator and Pin code Locator. To locate the mobile phone all users have to do is type the mobile number in the given space.



Step 5> When click on Find Location the screen shows the map of the area where the mobile is present and also the network operator of the mobile.



Step 6> Pin code Locator allows the user to search via two options: one is by pin code and the other is by city. Select the appropriate option and fill in the details in the given space.


Step 7> After clicking on Search, a new screen will open which will contain the details like pin code, city, state and the map showing the area selected.



So, if you have lost your mobile phone or just want to know the location of other mobile numbers, just logon to