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Keep Your Health in Check via SMS

Sending messages through mobile either by SMS or by using messaging apps like facebook messenger, whatsapp etc are quite common. But do you know that these mobile services especially SMS can be used to create awareness and alerts which can be used to an extent of saving lives.

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Keeping this usage of SMS in mind, Union Health Ministry of India has come up with a scheme called ‘Kilkari’ for woman and child care in August. The benefits provided under this scheme are:

  • Messages will be sent on the mobile phones of concerned woman, her husband or a close relative listed by her.
  • Pending shots and scheduled check up alerts for children will also be included under this scheme.
  • Pregnant women will be reminded about their routine health appointments, blood tests, vaccinations and all the other pregnancy related information via texts.
  • They would also get regular updates on what type of food to intake or avoid and also the exercise regime that should be followed by them at different stages of pregnancy.
  • For young mothers the texts would consist of information revolving around their children such as age and weight ratio, vaccination schedule and what kind of food should be consumed by children at different ages.
  • The scheme also plans to include adolescent girls and would forward information like how to combat diseases like anemia and the personal hygiene tips for these young girls.


C.K. Mishra, Additional Secretary in the Health Ministry, also provided some more details regarding the ‘Kilkari’ scheme and how far it has progressed. The information given is as follows:

  • The text message will be sent in six different Indian local languages of which 4 will be North Indian and 2 of South India. As the program popularizes, more and more local languages will be added.
  • The SMS sent will be in sync with the different stages of pregnancy and the age of the child. They will be more specific than just random general information regarding pregnancy.
  • 78 specific messages have already been drafted and more are being created every day.
  • Major players of health industry like doctors, nurses, midwives, state service providers and health officials are already informed about the scheme and its progress.
  • At the moment some technical issues, that arose, are being sorted out.


India has progressed to great lengths in many different fields; however, pregnancy and child care are two areas where it has not achieved any major recognition. With this scheme, Indian health industry hopes to make some drastic changes in the lives of pregnant woman and young mothers. Easy access to such important information via SMS would certainly make some changes in the lives of Indian women.


With the arrival of the monsoons in India, there is a sudden rise of viruses and bacteria in the food, water and air. Many sorts of infections arise during this season of which the most widespread is the common-cold or flu. Common cold not only leads to total

Monsonn rain

congestion but takes a severe form with fever, body-aches and scratchy throat and cough. It is said that there is treatment for Cancer but not for common cold. However there are some home remedies which all of us can try and they certainly help to ease the problems associated with common cold.

Inhale steam: Buy a steam vaporizer or simply warm some water in a pot and inhale steam. To make the treatment more effective put some sesame or Eucalyptus oil in it. You can also put saline drops in your nose to ease the congestion.

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Hot Water Gargles: Boil some water and add salt to it. You can also put some Tulsi leaves that have anti-bacterial property. Let it cool off till its warm enough to gargle. Gargle at least four times a day. Gargling moistens the sore throat, cleans it and also checks growth of bacteria / viruses.

Drink plenty of fluids: During common cold or flu it is important that one keeps oneself totally hydrated so as to keep the throat and mucous membrane moist.

Rainy Season

Blow out, not in: Whenever you find your nose congested, take a hanky and blow out. Never sniff the mucous back into your sinus.

Avoid Fans & ACs : Sitting directly under the Air Conditioner or Fan can enhance the symptoms. Instead try to keep yourself warm under a blanket or bedsheet.

Sleep in semi-elevated position: with the help extra pillows so that the mucous do not flow backwards in the sinus causing undue congestion.

Take Vitamin C rich diet such as Lemon tea and Amla. Vitamin C helps boosts the immune system and fight common cold and other mild infections.

Rainy season in india

Consume hot things such as Chicken Soups and soups garnished with ginger, garlic & black pepper. Drink Ginger Tea at regular intervals as it is a powerful decongestant.

Avoid drinking cold water and instead drink warm water all the time.

The best remedy to fight cough is Honey Syrup mixed either with Ginger Juice or Black Pepper. Consume it atleast 3 times and day and especially before going to sleep.

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Incase of heavy congestion of chest, fry some Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi) on a pan and inhale its vapors. Tie the fried ajwain in a hanky and put it close to your nose before sleeping.

Take a cup of hot milk mixed with turmeric powder before sleeping, which is anti- inflammatory agent that keeps the body warm and develops immune against cold.

Take Complete Rest: Take a couple of days off and spend time with your family resting. Rest helps your immune system to fight the infection effectively.

Monsoon Season

With these tips in mind, you can enjoy the monsoon season without allowing the common cold or flu to spoil your mood and health.