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The Pincode Story

Not many people are familiar with postal services nowadays, but those who are may know what a Pincode really is. Pincode or popularly known as the Postal Index Number is a code that post offices use to identify a particular location in a city or country. The code is usually six digit long and helps in ease of administration for Postal offices.

History Of Pincode

The PIN Code system was introduced on 15 August 1972 to make manual delivery of letters easier. This system is used by Post offices to simplify the sorting of location and ease of delivering mails to these numbered locations. The Pin code system not only helped them identify and divide locations, but also eliminated confusion over mailing addresses, similar place names and different languages used by the public

Postal Zones in India

In India postal zones are segregated into nine zones that include eight regional zones and one functional zone (Functional Zone is used by the Indian Army). The first digit of the Pin code stands for the region, the second code is used to indicate the sub-region, the third code identifies the sorting district inside the region, and the final three digits in the Pin code are assigned to individual post offices.

The 9 PIN zones cover the Indian states and union territories as follows:

To know a particular Pin code of any area in India, log on to and use the Pin Code Finder feature that helps you identify the Pin Code of any particular region in seconds .

5 out of the world slangs that people use over chat!

Slangs have become a part of speech for online chatting. And especially among the youth, the use of acronyms and cool names has become very popular.

I remember coming across situations where people right a couple of letters in capital and I have no idea what they mean by it. Have you ever too?

There are more slang names than you can imagine. The list is endless. But I have picked some which I found particularly hilarious and put it below. Enjoy reading!


You will spend nights guessing what this is. It means “Are we going to have to go through this again”. Well, I guess it would take longer for me to remember the acronym than just type the phrase! But yes this acronym exists!

2. CD9

Very cool one this is. It means “Code 9 (Parents are around)”. Teenagers are actually getting smarter than their parents it seems.

3. EOS

Cut down a lengthy argument with your friend with this. EOS. End of story.


This one you can try out on friends and act really cool. It is hilarious as I have heard JK, which means Just Kidding, but this one is too much. It means “Ha Ha Only Kidding”.


This one could really be helpful to you. So next time you send KISS to a girl and she gets offending and everything, you can take an excuse and say you meant only the acronym KISS, which means “Keep it Simple Silly”!!

There are a lot more fun things people can do over chatting. Do let us know if you have some really cool slangs that you use while chatting! And you can chat endless, because we have free text message always for you. You get out of messages, come back again on fullonsms and send free text from here. We also have bulk sms service. So no reasons to stop!

6 Things To Avoid In Your Bulk Emails


Bulk Email is the modern marketing tool used by almost all types of business today. Bulk Email is one such form of communication that allows a marketer to communicate with a large number of customers at the same time and also send personalized mails. An attractive Email is always helpful in catching the users’ attention and therefore should be carefully written to increase the number of interested buyers. This article will give you tips on what to not include in your Email and to make your Bulk Email Campaign a hit.

  • No Information: An Email with no information is not of much use to customers and therefore will not attract any potential buyers. Include useful information in your Emails to provide them insight.
  •  Too Much Information: Too much information in an Email can just lead to chaos. The attention of users can be grabbed by short and creative lines; no user will sit and read long boring messages. So keep your mail short and simple.
  •  Boring Subject Lines: Instead of going for boring subject lines try and include short catchy lines in your subject as they receive more clicks from users.
  • Sending Extra Large Images: If you include extra large images in your mail they will take a lot of time to load from the users end. A user will not wait long enough for them to load hence ignoring you mail altogether.
  •  Apologize: If you have been away for a while do not apologize and confess it to users, they probably did not notice your absence anyways. Carry on with your useful information to grab their attention.
  •  Mixed Up Locations: Your Emails go to users based anywhere and everywhere in the world. Include your exact locations such as city, area, building number and etc. to avoid any confusion.

Bulk Email Marketing requires special software available with various Bulk Email Service Provider Websites for example This software first takes individual Email address from an existing list and sends out a single Email to multiple users. 

Relief To Bulk SMS Service Providers


The Indian government recently decided to uplift the permanent ban on Bulk SMS that was implemented on August, 17, 2012. This ban was first imposed by the government after hate messages and violence texts started to spread via Text Messages in Assam. The messages carried threats and warnings by the Muslim community of attack on the north eastern community

The government put a ban on bulk text messages and set a strict 50 SMS limit per day in the country in order to keep a control on the panic situation in the state. This ban imposed by the government resulted in heavy losses to various Indian Telecom Companies and other Bulk SMS Service Provider Websites such as FullonSMS.

Users can now go back to sending numerous text messages in a day via telecom or website services. With this good news popular Bulk SMS Service Providers in India can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

The History of Email – August 30th Email Anniversary.

Did you know that this August 30th is the birth anniversary of the popular Email? We all are busy shooting mails all day long from home and office, even for the smallest of concerns; however, not many people have the knowledge of the origins of The Email.

Most people are unaware of the fact that concept of Email is much more older than the Internet itself. Email was never invented but evolved along with the whole concept of Computers where one person could stock data and share it with another user when necessary.

The first official Email was developed by Shiva Ayyadurai in 1979. The scientist created an electronic version of interoffice mail system and named it “Email” for which he won a Westinghouse Award. In 1988 this concept of Email was developed on a broader level by Steve Dorner who commercialized Email for Local Area NEtwor Users.

history of Email

Later in 2000’s, many other brands such as Yahoo, Gmail and Blackberry started to offer their consumers Email via Internet services. Today the tool of Email is widely used by many websites such as FullonSMS to provide Bulk Email Marketing Services to renowned brands across the globe as to help customers and brands get in touch.

Interesting Facts about SMS

With the entry of Smartphones and Apps many of have forgotten the Short Message Service a.k.a SMS. Nowadays, most of us have switched to Free SMS, which helps us send online Messages through websites such as FullonSMS or Ultoo. These SMS are either used as in case of an emergency or by businesses as a marketing tool. However, most of us do not even know how and when this technology came into progress.

SMS Facts

As this facility is seeing a downfall in the technological market, we bring you some interesting facts about SMS that people are not aware of:-

  • The first SMS was used on 3 December 1992 by Neil Papworth. He used his computer to send Richard Jarvis a “Merry Christmas SMS” on his phone via the network of Vodafone.neil papworth
  • The idea of SMS was influenced by Pagers. Pagers were capable of only receiving numbers, some numbers if inverted would look like words. For example 07734 if inverted would look like “hello” to a reader.
  • The SMS became more popular in 1999 when message were allowed to be sent and received among rival networks.
  • In 2010, 6.1 trillion SMS were sent across worldwide. This means that an average of 193,000 SMS per second were sent and received across mobile phone users across the world.
  • A recent study shows that 51% women would prefer a personalized message from their loved ones rather than greeting cards.
  • A recent study also suggests that Men are more likely to send Short SMS on practical matters and would prefer that as prime communication.87843517


So as SMS becomes a facility that is rarely used by most people, we sure do appreciate this facility and wish it the 21st anniversary this December.

Google -End to Calendar SMS Notification

Google has recently announced to bring an end to its Calendar SMS notification service coming this 27th June. This Calendar SMs notification service provided by Google is facing similar fates as Google Reader, Wave and Knol.

google calendar notificationThe company has revealed that with the increasing use of Smartphones, users can now enjoy a richer and far more reliable experience of Google Calendar right on their mobiles.  Google will now provide Smartphone users the entire Calendar app instead of regular notification text messages.

Users are now left with two options; one of downloading the Calendar App from Google play store or using the app already installed in their devices. However, The Company has not yet come up with any alternative for those users who do not own an android or iOS device.

With recent entry of similar apps in the market such as 1Calender, Mixing and others, it was about time for Google to put forward a refreshing idea and thus, started implementing changes in their Calendar App since February. The App automatically syncs in with the existing information on the users device and lets the user view upcoming birthdays, plans, and events of the entire week at one simple glance.

Google Updates Over Last 10 Years

Nowadays, almost everyone has some kind of website online. It can be a personal blog, a business website, or basically any kind of website, we all face the same thing- How to rank on Google without getting penalized by its many updates? As it is it’s not easy to get traffic on the website, these updates by Google just make our work that much harder.


Half the time we are not even aware why our website got penalized. To help you grow your knowledge about these updates, we have listed below top updates launched by Google and which area of your website do they affect.

Google Updates: Although Google keeps releasing updates every year, there are two types of updates which are rolled out- One which comes only once and other are updates which have numerous versions that come out every year. Two main updates which are launched again and again under numerous versions are:


  • Panda (Launched on 23rd February, 2011): This update was launched in 2011 but keeps on bringing out numerous different versions every year. Panda update mainly aims at content part of the website where poor quality content gets penalized instantly.
  • Penguin (Launched on 24th April, 2012): On the other hand penguin has been bringing out updates on regular basis affecting sites where over stuffing of keywords are found.

Now the updates which were released only once are as follows:


  • Pigeon: This update which literally turned the world of SEO 180 degrees when it was released by Google on 24th July, 2014. It was made with aim of changing some of the local results and was modified to handle and interpret location cues in totally different manner.


  • Payday Loan Update:This update got launched on 11th June, 2013 to target specific keywords such as Payday loan and penalize their users.
  • Humming Bird: Humming Bird was released on 20th August, 2013 and was commonly compared with caffeine update. It was created to make some massive changes in semantic search and the knowledge graph.


  • Page Layout:It was released on 19th January, 2012. This update aimed at devaluing those sites which showcase numerous ads above the fold of the website.
  • Venice: This was a local update released on 27th February, 2012. It forcefully tried to localize organic search results and also aimed at packing local search data more tightly.
  • Knowledge Graph: It was a step towards semantic search launched on 16th May, 2012. Knowledge Graph is a SERP integrated display which offers details about certain individuals, things and places.
  • Pirate: Pirate or DMCA Penalty came out on 10th August, 2012. In this update Google decided to penalize those sites which copied copyright violations on their pages.
  • EMD: Exact Match Domain update came out on 27th September, 2012. It was designed to make changes in the name of the website domain which match their keywords. This resulted in large scale devaluation of numerous websites.


  • Attribution Update: On 28th January, 2011 a new update was launched to curb the increasing spam cases which helped to sift through different attributes of content, as well as, put a stop on content scrapers.


  • Caffeine (Rollout): After performing several test, Google finally rolled out Caffeine update in June 2010. This update resulted in increased raw speed of Google and also integrated crawlers and indexation more securely.


  • Caffeine (Preview): It came out in August 2009. When released it resulted in bringing huge changes in the infrastructure part. The changes were made in the speed of the crawling, expanding and integrating index and also ranking in real time was made possible.


  • Buffy: This update came out in June 2007 and was named in the honour of Vanessa Fox. It was a mixture of several small changes, particularly towards SERPs with special emphasis on single word search results.


  • Jagger:It was launched in October 2005. This update by Google targeted poor quality of links which were added to just increase the authority of the webpage. These targeted links included paid links, reciprocal links and link farms.
  • Big Daddy: In December another update came out called Big Daddy. It aimed more at infrastructure part of the website and changed the way of handling URL canonicalization, Redirects like 301 or 302 and other numerous technical issues.

The above list is not the comprehensive list of all the updates that were floated by Google, but rather the list of those updates which when started, really shook up the SEO industry. So keep these updates in mind when trying to rank your website on Google, as you might just get penalized if you are not careful.



Top 5 Ways to Promote your Website Online

Promoting a business online is one of the major struggles in the current scenario. It is a very crucial process and requires a lot of convention as to get the best results. There are many ways in which a website can be promoted across with the help of certain tools. The Internet consists of BILLIONS of web pages and millions more appear every day. Here are some tips with the help of which you can make your website popular and give it an edge over your competitors:

1)SEO :

seo organic marketing

SEO or Search engine Optimization is the process that helps in making a business/website reach its target audience. It is a long term activity that results in higher ranking and good visibility of a brand. It could be done with the help of SEO content which enables the linking of the various web links that initiate the whole process. Link building can be done by following ways:

  • Directory Submissions: One of the best ways of getting authentic back links is by submitting your website with unique description in directories with do follow settings and high PR. Some of the best sites for directory submission are:,
  • PPT and Video Submissions: PPT and video submission are one of the best way of getting huge referral traffic as they populate content of the website in a fun and entertaining manner, without bugging user with lot of content to read. Sites for PPT:, Video submission:,
  • Local Listings: In local listings you create a profile of your business with the information like name of the business, place (address), contact number and other necessary details pertaining to your business that users need to know. Most popular sites are: Google+ Local and Internet Yellow Pages.
  • Social Bookmarking: Another most common tool for link building is social bookmarking in which you can add, edit, update and bookmark the sites and web documents that you want to share with other people. Some of the most used sites are: and
  • Classified Sites: Classified submission is one of the easiest and most popular ways of letting the world know about your business and its details that you want prospective audience to know about. Sites are: and
  • Search Engine Submissions: It may or may not surprise you to hear that the majority of traffic from the internet is derived from search engines. With that said, search engines should be the first place that you should turn to promote your online presence. The popular search engines include: Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you promote them on all the search engines, the results will be good for your business.

2. SEM:

sem paid marketing

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the paid way of promoting your business online. It involves three ways:

  • CPM: In Cost per Thousand Impression you pay Google for every thousand views on your ads. The amount that has to be paid has to be pre-decided between you and Google. This generally favored by the advertisers focusing on brand awareness.
  • PPC: In PPC or Pay per Click promoter pays certain set amount of money to Google for every click on their ads.
  • CPA: CPA stands for Cost per Action. In this the advertiser pays Google for every desired action performed by a user on your ad such as purchase of product and service or filling of form etc.

Platform for SEM is :

3. Social Media:

social media marketing in a effective way

The best and easiest way to promote your business is to publicize it on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. It not only gives a visibility to your business but also gives a platform of interacting with the clients and consumers too.

Some of the famous sites are:,

4. Email and SMS Marketing:

emails and sms marketing

Email marketing is done by promoting the product by directly sending an email to an individual or group on their email ids. On the other hand, SMS marketing is done by sending text messages to people on their mobiles. Promoter can send message to an individual or a group by using bulk messaging service providers available online.

Some of the famous sites are:,

5. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is done when your product is promoted and sold on someone else’s website. The seller gets only the commission amount pre-determined between you and the seller.

Finally, after doing all of the above steps and suggestions rate and grade your website using online tools. These tips will definitely help you in promoting your brand and result in higher revenues.

Some of the top Affiliate Networks are: ShareASale , Commission Junction, Rakuten LinkShare, Amazon Associates