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Celebrate Women’s Day With Style

happy women's day

Today is the day the world in celebrating International Women’s Day and we could not be more proud to dedicate a day to those people who not only nourish our houses, but also make sure our businesses are on the right path to success. From bringing up a home full of children to making sure that your voices are heard it in the parliament, women have contributed tremendously to the society. So if you are wondering what kind of special things you could do for your mother, daughter, wife, friend or colleague take a look at some of the thoughtful things you can do this Women’s Day.

  • Take Her Out To Dinner: If you are a man blessed with daughters and a lovely wife, make sure you take them out tonight and enjoy Women’s Day with them. Treating your family once a while is not such a bad idea anyways and what other occasion than women’s day.
  • Gift Her A Card: Cards maybe an old fashioned way to wish someone on an occasion, but trust me when I say they can never go out of style. Send her a Women’s Day greeting card to her office and see her face split into a million smiles.
  • Send Her A Free SMS: If you are away from your family and desperately want to wish someone, you can send Free SMS to your loved ones through popular SMS service providing sites such as You can also use a Women’s Day message template if you are aiming to wish a lot of ladies.

Wishing a very Happy Women’s Day to all the women in the World and saluting them for being such an important part of everybody’s life.

Valentine Week List 2016 -Celebrate the week of Love

If your heart is set on someone very special and you are all prepared to pop the question this Valentine’s Day, we have a plan to make your proposal even better. Lovers around the world are dedicated to celebrating the entire Valentine Week, and here is a list of the important dates and days you should remember.

  • 7 Feb- Rose Day : Lovers generally celebrate rose day by presenting each other with a rose. If you have your eyes on a very special person, gift them a rose to approach him/her and leave hints.

rose day pic


  • 8 Feb- Propose Day : This day is special for those people who are eagerly waiting to pour their heart out and confess their feelings to their secret lovers. Gather up the courage to tell express your love to him/her.

propose day pic

  • 9 Feb- Chocolate Day : Chocolate has an interesting part to play when it comes to love. Giving someone a chocolate roughly translates into friendship and love for the person. Gift a chocolate to your loved one and share a sweet moment.

Chocolate day

  • 10 Feb- Teddy Day : Girls love cuddly plush toys and therefore most people celebrate this day to exchange cute gifts with each other. If you do not wish to gift him. Her a soft toy you can gift anything you like.

teddy day pic

  • 11 Feb- Promise Day : Lovers around the world promise to stay by each other’s side on this day and can be a benefit for you if you are trying to woo that special someone. Promise her/him strength and love for eternity and you will have unlocked the doorway to their hearts.

propose day pic

  • 12 Feb- Kiss Day : As they say the beginning of love starts with a kiss, so make sure you kiss that someone special in your life and tell them that you are falling badly for them.

kiss day pic

  • 13 Feb- Hug Day : Hugs are a way of showing affection to someone and can never be out of style if you want to express love for someone. So hug your lover tight and feel the love surge through your veins.

hug day pic

  • 14 Feb- VALENTINE’S DAY : After an entire week of hints, the day of Valentine arrives to share your love and happiness with your loved one.

valentine day sms

So send your lover a heart touching Valentine’s Day SMS this year to express your love to her/him. Log on to to explore thousands of readymade Valentine’s SMS templates that is bound to win the heart of your special one.


You might soon be able to book an Uber via an SMS!

Yes whatsapping and hiking have been the in-thing these days, but what the old sweet text messages can do, these applications cannot. You know what that is?

It is the breathing system of these applications, which means the internet connection. Many areas in our country still have poor connectivity and many cellular operators have poor data services. One can only rely on the customary sms for such cases. And thankfully, some big companies are realizing that now.

The transportation network giant Uber is developing ways to give the option of booking a cab via an sms to its customers. In a move to make booking rides easier for the public, it would be launching an app that helps them book a ride via an sms. It is also considering lowering down its prices.

Well, it isn’t wrong when it is said old is gold. So not matter how far technology takes us, but I am sure nothing can replace the text message. And that is the reason we are still here. Our website would continue providing you with free text messages so you can continue sending free sms to your friends and relatives and stay connected with them.

Now get your coach cleaned by just an SMS!

Have you ever been into a situation where you have entered your coach of the train for a journey, and found it so unclean that you really want to get something done with it before you continue? Amidst all the news about the Indian Railways getting renovated, and in fact, also even up for a makeover as is heard, one is sure to get confused what to do in such situations, or rather who to contact and who to call in such cases.

Well, here is some good news at least on some of the trains that run on the Indian Railways. Two long distance trains originating from Mysore in Karnataka have been provided with OnBoard Housekeeping Services (OBHS) and have introduced an SMS and web complaint based redressal system in cases when you find your coach is not cleaned well. The Mysuru-Nizamuddin (New Delhi) Swarnajayanthi weekly superfast express and Mysuru-Ajmer-Mysuru bi-weekly express are the two trained bestowed with this facility.

So, if you travelling in any of these and you find your coach not clean, you simply have to take out your phone and send your 10 digit PNR No. To 58888 and that is it. You would get a confirmation code from eCLEAN instantly.

It sounded really amusing to me and would actually be a major step in empowerment of the passengers. Furthermore, this service would be slowly extended to other trains. Do let us know how you feel about it, well, just to remind you, we also have interesting services of offering you free text messages on our website. So you are empowered to send free sms anytime and anywhere in India even when you are out of balance!

Sending SMS With Full Stops Is Inappropriate

text screen

With busy lives the world is adopting ways by which communication can be as short and apt as possible. Forms of communication such as Whatsapp texts, SMS and emails are gaining quite popularity nowadays. Users can write and send SMS in any language they so prefer, but did you know that SMS messages that end with a full stop are considered less sincere than messages that do not end with full stops?

As per the result of a new study conducted by American researchers, text messages or SMS are perceived to be one of the most frequently used computer-mediated communication (CMC) methods that mimic facial expressions. SMS is also a form of communication which gives rise to a conversation and is therefore considered to be inappropriate when ending with a full stop.

Participants sending SMS to and fro are involved in an exchange of two version conversation where sending short messages with full stops is considered ending their statement with no freedom to allow a contradicting argument to take place. Such an occurrence is considered rude and stubborn by the sender of the message.

When speaking people can easily judge the reaction of the person in front, but conversing through SMS limits their visibility of the person’s reactions and expressions and therefore effects the way a person might intercept the message. Including a full stop in the message might create a grave situation if the receiver intercepts it any negative way.

To send Free SMS to your clients, family, customers and friends, log on to and enjoy the Free SMS services the site has to offer. Also remember to remove the Full Stops from your messages, especially if you are sending thoughtful SMS to clients or customers.

Weather Bulletins Now on Your Phone

Now, you can get weather forecasts and alerts as SMS on your phone!  Earlier being provided to only the farmers in Punjab, the Chandigarh Meteorological Department recently launched a free-of-cost SMS weather alert service to users in Chandigarh and Haryana as well. Initially, the department will give information on weather forecast, maximum and minimum temperatures, relative humidity and cloud information.


Users have already started registering for the service; following the announcement of the registrations set open five days ago. Interestingly, Chandigarh accounts for more than 50% of the registrations, followed by Punjab at 28.8%, with Haryana taking the minimum share at 20.5% registrations.

However, the broadcast of the weather alerts are yet to be received by the registered users. “For now the data is being compiled and the service will be started shortly,” said Chandigarh Met Director Surender Paul.

The service aims to help the users prepare themselves for unexpected rains and thunderstorms by informing them within seconds of discovering the possibility of any such circumstance.

Registered users will receive weather bulletins on their phones twice a week; each bulletin comprising of the forecast of the succeeding three days. However, in case of changing climates, the frequency would increase. It would rise up even in situations of extreme weather conditions, Paul said.



Pune Municipal Corporation plans to send out bulk SMS messages during disasters


The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to take necessary disaster management measures this monsoon season. The Corporation has activated a 24 hour Bulk SMS Service via its Disaster Management Cell and will be updating the citizens of Pune till the end of the monsoon season in order to prevent a flood like situation in the city.

The PMC claims to be using the latest technology for its disaster management services and guarantees that a rescue and evacuation operation will take place this year in case of an emergency. The public will be provided all important notifications with the help of Bulk SMS texts.

Municipal Commissioner Rajendra Jagtap has revealed that a data base with contacts of local corporators, civic staff and area chairpersons of every housing society in areas have been maintained and will be duly informed of a flood like situation.

The commissioner also added that Bulk SMS will not be sent to the Public unnecessarily as this may create a panic situation however, once the water-level mark for issuing warning is crossed that is 20,000 cusecs of water in Mutha River a warning SMS will be sent.

The Corporation has also agreed that a team of 25 civic staff members including staff from fire safety and security department is to be stationed in each ward office to ensure faster and more efficient rescue operations.

Google -End to Calendar SMS Notification

Google has recently announced to bring an end to its Calendar SMS notification service coming this 27th June. This Calendar SMs notification service provided by Google is facing similar fates as Google Reader, Wave and Knol.

google calendar notificationThe company has revealed that with the increasing use of Smartphones, users can now enjoy a richer and far more reliable experience of Google Calendar right on their mobiles.  Google will now provide Smartphone users the entire Calendar app instead of regular notification text messages.

Users are now left with two options; one of downloading the Calendar App from Google play store or using the app already installed in their devices. However, The Company has not yet come up with any alternative for those users who do not own an android or iOS device.

With recent entry of similar apps in the market such as 1Calender, Mixing and others, it was about time for Google to put forward a refreshing idea and thus, started implementing changes in their Calendar App since February. The App automatically syncs in with the existing information on the users device and lets the user view upcoming birthdays, plans, and events of the entire week at one simple glance.

Government Using Technology like SMS alerts to Clean River Ganga

Varanasi Ganga Ghat PicsGovernment of India is all set to clean the longest river (Ganga)of Indian sub-continent. Union government is planning to switch using technology so that their most desired project should turn into a success. Technology will be used in such a sense that the sensors will monitor chemical components level. When monitor will know about the level of the chemical components a SMS alert will tell about the real quantities excessiveness. Uma Bharti Union Minister of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation is eager about this idea and the technology that is to be used. She has invited industry to bring new proposals according to the top administrative of the state-owned company.

Clean Ganga Project

State telecom consultants will be linked who has submitted their proposals to the ministry for using transducers for auditing effluent level in River Ganga. Chemical parameters will be converted into electrical information then process and transmit it into data so it will become capable of sending SMSes with the help of mobile network so that authorities can be alerted. Water of Ganga can be updated online to a centralised server so the regulator will immediately attain an alert via SMS. Vimal Wakhlu said that public sector is trying to enter in the new IT-related initiatives, along with the government and is ardent in contributing Clean Ganga mission by proffering expertise with the help of machine-to-machine technology. Raw effluents coming from the industries and sewage from the municipalities are the main point of supply in the river. Government has made necessary for the companies and other civic bodies to use treatment plants before discharging the waste in River Ganga.

TCIL top supervisor that a computerized SMS will be developed to warn the company if any kind of encroachment is done. If government experiences any repetitive breaches than a factory licence will be revoked. Availability of transducers and their cost is the main challenge according to Wakhlu. Every transducers cost $30,000 and 100,000 units will be required for Ganga project.if these transducers are manufactured locally then cost of manufacturing may go down this is said by TCIL. In three or four years this programme will become effective and then other rivers of India such as Yamuna will be extended for cleaning project.

TRAI Slashes Roaming & Local Tariffs from May

mobile telecom pics

In a bid to give some monetary relief to mobile users from extravagant roaming charges, TRAI has ordered a new set of tariff rates effective from May, 2015. Mobile users all over India have more than once become victims of these overpriced charges put up by mobile operators over calls and SMS, the moment they go out of town.

These grievances have finally made their way to TRAI office, as they have announced cuts in the roaming prices of both calls and messages.The charges for Mobile calls are reduced up to 23%, whereas for SMS it is reduced up to 75%. Telecom operators from May, 2015 onwards will only be able to charge Rs. 1.15 per minute for STD calls and 38 paisa for National SMS.

Another change in price is that operators will only be allowed to charge 25 paisa maximum for each local SMS, 80 paisa per minute for local calls and up to 45 paisa per minute for incoming roaming calls.


A statement was issued from their office today stating that “TRAI has reduced ceiling tariffs for national roaming calls and SMS and has mandated telecom service providers to offer a special roaming tariff plan. These changes will come into effect from May 1, 2015”.

However, there is one small catch. The special tariffs that were provided by the operators for relief from the huge charges will not be available to the users. All these tariffs have been ordered to be stopped from May, 2015. A new Special Tariff plan will also be introduced which will allow free incoming calls after paying fixed amount charged.

With this change in the price to look forward to, regularly roaming people will definitely be benefited.