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Because we can’t afford to miss the latest trends!

Watching videos on You Tube has not been the same anymore. The advertisements, subscriptions and of course the different type of content issues with the website obstruct the pleasure of enjoying them. It takes a lot of time to load the videos as the buffering process takes place while we are streaming through it. Apart from all of this, we need to remember the names of popular videos, artists, channels etc. in order to save our time and feel the pleasure of watching our favorites. But this is again a big challenge and we are too lazy to make an effort to note down all the names of the popular websites.

Things have changed in the present scenario; everything has to be quick and fast. We hardly remember the popular videos so we save them in the form of bookmarks or cookies on our system or laptop. But is it really convenient for us? What if we do not want to share it with others and what we have someone else using our computer? Well, there are many problems and issues and none of them have a good solution.

fullonsms trending

Well, where there is a will, there’s a way. The way here leads you to the website named, FullonSMS, and a place where you can find a wholesome collection of popular videos across the web. Yes, you heard it right! We are talking about the Latest Trends and Trending Videos section available on the website that allows you to watch videos without any fall. You can find the best videos clubbed together here on the website so you need not search them anywhere else.

You can even add your favorite videos to the already available tab and save them for watching in the future. Also, you can separate the videos that you have watched already so that you do not watch them again. Still confused? Just relax and give yourself the pleasure of watching the best videos at single platform. Logon to and have a great time watching them.

Internet kay bina jindagi hai adhuri!

I just moved from one city to other. And I have to tell you that without internet I felt ‘lost’. Virtual connections and relationships are not personal but they somehow make you feel sane. Internet is a friend. Without internet most people feel lonely. Most teenagers cannot switch off their phone only when battery is dying or they are being spammed. It sounds ridiculous to those who are not addicted to the internet but for most it is a feeling of no or zero existence if there is no internet.

Internet users

Life without internet makes one feel helpless. People try all sorts of tactics to get internet. Common tactics are to go to a cyber cafe, try locating neighbor’s Wi-Fi which does not have a password or go to a friend’s house. Laptop and phones feel lifeless without internet.

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera

Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

This song is for the internet lady in our life. Almost nothing gets done without internet. Internet has become most notable and reliable part of our lives. It is hard to imagine what will happen without Internet. Lot of businesses, institutions, projects have web as their main resource. Internet has granted unlimited freedom and power. It has a created a powerhouse of ideas and vision. This has been a magnificent gift to the mankind.

Internet is not just wires and crossover of wires. It is the database of knowledge. Every bit of information either big or small is on the web. It hosts all the data and information to enhance our knowledge and ability. Web is a huge success and made people very vulnerable. It has also added different complexities and added several channel of intricacies. People are not recalling and adapting old medieval times when things were simpler and easier.

Internet can be destroyed by cyber war and terror. This may sound fictional but can become real. There are lot of stories floating on how cyber games have been played between nations and power groups to destroy each other.

Internet has made it feasible to share and connect with people. It is like a true friend listening and providing help in times of need. It provides reliable and accurate data. Internet websites offer many facilities for communication and contact through voice, image, email and text. There are websites where recharge facility on your phone is possible. You could use free SMS service too. It has become very popular to use such options as they are free of cost and can be done any time of the day.

Internet has always been, and always will be, a magic box.

Marc Andeerssen

The websites offer unlimited free messages and make your life easy. Websites like Fullonsms offer unlimited free SMS to their registered user. Log on today and experiment with several options which this website offers. 

Facebook Mantra – Things you should do to be a Facebook Celebrity

How to become a Facebook Celebrity


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Design yourself a cover pic : People say that first impression is the last impression. Likewise on facebook apart from your posts and pictures what one view first time he lands on your page is your cover picture. Design yourself a cover picture that describes your personality in the best light.

facebook cover
Post the best profile picture: Select the best pic as your profile photo. Photographs play vital role in keeping your friends updated with the latest happening in your life. But posting too many of them reduces the interest of friends. Try posting the best pics of the different events in your life.

facebook celebrity
Likes : Whether you like somebody or not but you should ensure to like his posts / comments. As a reciprocal, you would start receiving maximum likes on your posts / pics / comments.

Facebook-likeTimeline : If you don’t focus on your lifeline, you may be excused but if you don’t focus on your timeline then you might risk yourself losing some friends. Keep regular updates of your timeline and respond whenever post of a close friend appears on your timeline.

facebook timeline
Birthday & Anniversaries : Facebook offers you the advantage by automatically notifying Birthday and other events and if you chose to receive such notifications through SMS you can always please your friends with timely wishes.

birthday alert
Friend requests: Never fail to respond to a friend requests but ensure that the one you confirm are genuine profiles.

friend requests
Air you views on trending topics: Keep pace with the latest happenings around the world. It is important that you post facts and comments on such issues. Your friends are more likely to engage with posts that are related to subjects that are on top of their minds such as current events or festivals.

facebook trending
Be proactive: Develop a posting strategy. Keep yourself informed well in advance for the events / festivals and birthdays that are to occur and prepare special posts for special events and friends.
Update your Profile: One crucial factor to stay connected with like-minded people is to complete your profile and regularly update it. Write a short yet catchy introduction about yourself, add your offices, school colleges and your favorite quotation, always update your contact information and on the top of it keep your movie, music, tv-shows, sports section updated.

update facebook profile
Hiding what is irrelevant: Hiding / block obscene users and hide irrelevant posts so that you can concentrate on the important events being reflected on your timeline.

Apps & Games: Impress your friends with your scores on the free games available on facebook. invite your friends to play along you or challenge them to break your record. Use funky apps available on facebook to impress your friends.

Groups: Join more and more group that suit your interests and personality. Actively participate in the group and try to lead the conversations. Within months you would be overflowed with friend requests.

Facebook groups
Finally when you reach the milestone of 5000 friends and no more friend requests are allowed, it is time to create a facebook page of yours just like other celebrities have. Enjoy the fan-following. You can Share these tips with your friends by Sending Unlimited free SMS through  Fullonsms and clicking on secret message.

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