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Watching videos on You Tube has not been the same anymore. The advertisements, subscriptions and of course the different type of content issues with the website obstruct the pleasure of enjoying them. It takes a lot of time to load the videos as the buffering process takes place while we are streaming through it. Apart from all of this, we need to remember the names of popular videos, artists, channels etc. in order to save our time and feel the pleasure of watching our favorites. But this is again a big challenge and we are too lazy to make an effort to note down all the names of the popular websites.

Things have changed in the present scenario; everything has to be quick and fast. We hardly remember the popular videos so we save them in the form of bookmarks or cookies on our system or laptop. But is it really convenient for us? What if we do not want to share it with others and what we have someone else using our computer? Well, there are many problems and issues and none of them have a good solution.

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Messages of absolute jubilation floated as Millions of GERMAN fans wish on the World Cup Win

Red, black and yellow flags waved across all over as Germany beat Argentina in the World cup final. Tears roll down the painted faces of German fans while Argentina’s fans were left in a state of shock.

Germany beat Argentina in the World cup final

An intense and tight game unfolded with both teams playing pretty good. German team’s victory was thrilling and really cheerful. It got smiles on the faces of the crowd as they started texting.

“Better team always wins” was unanimous message sent. “They earned it” said the other.


“Germany wins the #WORLD CUP. Mario Goetze was the savior and became a national Hero” was the major update across the globe. He truly is a national champion. “Germans are the champions” and many such powerful updates and wishes went across. The team won the cup for the people of Deutschland. People left their work and congratulated or wished each other.

World cup win electrified the nation and sort of also symbolized the nation’s top presence and dominance in the sports world. It also somehow sends signals of their might and their strong global comeback. Underlying tone behind each message shared was the message of victory and pride.

german fanss

People hugged, cheered. They sent each other messages and texted. Fireworks exploded and the sound of win resonated everywhere. People were in good mood. The spirit of cheer and good wishes will continue for a long time. This dramatic win could even bring an upswing in the economy of the nation.


Argentina felt desolated and dejected. Lionel Messi was left in tears. They gave a tough fight to Germans but were left disappointed. They played some good football. There can only be one winner.


Life goes on. So, my dear friends do not feel sad when you lose. Cheer up and encourage those who cannot reach their goals. One should not lose hope. Be with your friends when they are going through a tough time. Stay in touch.

fan sending sms

Each and every consolation counts and gives strength. Send your precious messages to your friends both in good and bad times. Keep the spirit alive by sending messages to them.  Send Free SMS through this website and build a wonderful world of love and care.