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5 Reasons of why people still like using the SMS service?


Apart from all the new technology available around us, there are still people who would like to stick to the older methods. The reason behind this could be many like the convenience of using an old service is better as compared to that of using a new one. This new technology has given us a number of benefits. One of which is Smartphones. They paved the way for consumers to communicate through a variety of outlets – from email and instant messaging to over-the-top content messaging apps.

The presence of internet and applications such as Whatsapp, Hike, Viber , Skype etc. has made no difference to the old-age use of SMS service. Here are some reasons behind the popularity of SMS over other messaging apps:

  1. Easy to use: Sending a SMS is as easy as having food. You just need a mobile phone and a sim card and you are done. Whereas while using the other apps, there are many other requirements such as internet connection, smartphone etc, this could be unsuitable for the non-technology users. Hence, sending a SMS is always a better option.
  1. Immediate: Whether it is a local/STD SMS, you can receive them immediately, unlike the new technology where you have to wait for the internet connectivity, which is again a time-taking activity.
  1. Simple: As we try and juggle our busy lives, it can sometimes feel like we have too much information to take in. Emails go unread, adverts ignored and leaflets discarded. SMS is small and simple and gets the message across instantly without any messing around. How many text messages do you receive that you don’t read?
  1. Eco-friendly: A research has proved that In comparison to email, direct mail and face to face meetings; a text message has the lowest impact on our carbon footprint. In fact it’s almost a carbon free way of communicating, so while others are busy polluting it lets make a good move towards the betterment of our environment.
  1. Direct: Most of us don’t leave home without our mobiles. It is with us 24/7, though we hardly get time to check all other notifications but we always read the SMS. What could be more convenient than this?

We all love to be in our comfort zones, that’s why we love using the old yet comfortable way of communicating with others. So, enjoy SMSing and express yourself anywhere and anytime, without any barriers.

Mobile OS Market: Rarely Used Mobile Operating Systems

Mobile OS or Mobile Operating System is software that manages the hardware and software resources of mobile and also accords common services for mobile programmes. It helps to smoothly operate all programmes and apps on your smartphones, PDA, tablets and other mobile devices.

old mobile os

Some of the most commonly used OS are android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows 8.1 and Symbian. With android and iOS ruling the market of mobile operating system, many of us are unaware about numerous other operating systems that came into existence way before these two were even thought of. Some of them were in fact the reason behind the successful launch of Smartphones.

In this article we shine light on these unsung heroes of Operating system market:

  • BADA: This operating system is owned by Samsung and was created for the mid-range, high-end smartphones. Although the OS was quite user friendly and efficient, almost same as Android, it was not promoted on a bigger platform, due to which it still remains unknown to many people. At the moment it is being used by only 3 devices namely – Samsung Wave 1, Wave 2 and Wave3.
  • Palm OS: Palm OS or Garnet OS was launched by Palm Inc. in 1996 and was initially used in PDAs (Personal Digital Assistance)only. Due its innovative design, it was a massive hit with devices having touchscreen GUI and was later upgraded to be compatible with smartphones. Although, it has been used by companies like Lenovo, IBM, Kyocera etc., it has been 8 years since its last update came out in 2007.
  • Open WebOS: Although Open WebOS was launched in 2009 by Palm Inc., it was later taken over by Hewlett Packard and started gaining popularity by the name of HP WebOS. HP promoted the OS at a very high level and used it in high-end HP smartphone and tablets. Its sales, however, dropped down after the emergence of Android in the market and were, thus, decided to be discontinued by the company.
  • Maemo: Maemo was the by-product of Nokia and Maemo Company launched for smartphones and internet tablets. The user interface of the system was quite friendly and had easy navigational menu function to help user move from one place to another. The home screen was divided into different sections which showed Internet search bar, different icons and RSS feed. In 2010 MWC (Mobile World Congress) announced that Maemo will integrate with Mobilin to create a new Operating System called Meego.


Although, not all of the above operating system could leave any kind of mark in the operating system market, they certainly need to be remembered, as from their failure we ended up some amazing operating systems, which have made our lives easier than before.

What is an APK file and how to install it?

fullonsms apk

If you are a regular Android app downloader then you must have at least heard of APK file if not fully aware about it. However, for Android beginners and new users, this term is quite unknown. But with the rise in the creation of apps in the current scenario, all users should be aware of the basics at least. In this article we will try to understand the same.

What is APK file?

APK file, that is, Android Application Package, is a file format that is used to distribute and install software and games in android phone. Just like windows use .exe, android uses .apk. It consists of all the required code of the program, resources, certificates and manifest file which help to run the program more smoothly.

How to install APK file?

install apk to phone

You can install APK file in two ways- one is via desktop and other is directly via mobile / tab browser.

  • Install via Computer: Find an APK file that you want and download it. Now connect your android device with the computer and choose media device option when prompted. Copy the APK file in your chosen folder under your phone’s folder in the computer. Search for the file in ‘My Files’ folder in your device and tap it to install the file. Your APK file is now installed. However, when you download the file, make sure it is from a trusted source as it may contain malicious software or virus.
  • Install via Tab/ Mobile Browser: Downloading APK file from your android device’s browser is much easier and hassle free. All you have to do is search for the required APK file and download it from the device’s browser. Locate the file in download folder, tap it and select yes option when prompted to install the file.

Need of SMS APK file

APK file opens many new doors for android users. With increase in the popularity of SMS usages, having an SMS APK file will be quite useful. There are many SMS service provider in India who would benefit from this APK file along with its users. For example android users of free SMS websites like FullonSMS would be delighted to have FullonSMS APK file, as they would be able to send free SMS from their mobile phone itself.

So know that you are more aware about APK files, you will be able to reap more benefit out of android games and software, irrespective of the fact that they are released or not.

What is Api and its Types


In this age of technological advancement, there is no individual who is not using computers in their day to day life to perform all sorts of activities which might be work related like creating documents, PowerPoint presentation and excel sheets, or for entertainment purposes like playing games, watching movies, listening to music etc. But have you ever wondered what makes these programs respond to our every single command without creating any issues or hassles. How we are able to cut or copy lines, images etc from one document and paste it to another. This kind of magic has been possible only because of three words Application Programming Interface- API.

What is an API?

Application Programming Interfaces are commonly referred to as APIs. APIs are one of the most common words you hear if you are familiar with software or programme developing. However, not many people have any idea of this terminology and are still using the programmes. In general terms, APIs are nothing but a set of code which decides how an application will behave and respond. These codes and protocols is a way of letting users interact with the application or software.

Types of API

There are different types of API made that helps different programs perform different set of functions to ease the life of the user. Some of the common types are:

JavaScript API :

This API helps to pave the way that allows web applications to access resources of both software and hardware of any device. For example when you are searching for any particular contact, all you have to input is the name and all details will be presented to you.

DOM Events :

This API is used when web applications need access to information for regular updates.


REST API refers to Representational State Transfer API and is used to access data which has already been used by someone. Furthermore, this API can be used by anyone as it is stateless.


fullonsms sms api

These APIs are designed to help users send bulk messages without any hassle or issues. One of the most robust and dependable API is FullonSMS API. It is created by a website called FullonSMS. It helps user to send free messages to their contacts within just few minutes.

APIs has been a part of our lives since the beginning. However, now that we have started asking questions it has led us to innovate and create different types of interfaces like Free SMS APIs which is being used by many websites that offer free SMS service to their members.

SMS Gateway and How It Works


With daily development, mobile technology has soared to offer users more and more options that help in enhancing mobile experience. One such area of development is SMS (Short Message Service). The development where SMS is concerned, that has revolutionized the SMS experience for all mobile users are emergence of online sites which allow users to send SMS to any mobile number. Most of these websites allow users to send it for free. These websites use mechanism called SMS gateway.

SMS Gateway

The procedure of sending and receiving SMS to and from telecommunication network via computer is called SMS Gateway. These messages are mostly routed to mobile phone network later on. Most of the SMS gateways support the conversion of media via email and other similar formats. The companies that offer this mechanism are also referred to as SMS gateway providers.

Types of SMS Gateways

There are basically two types of SMS Gateways:

SMS Aggregators : Most of the online SMS sites are using SMS aggregator as preferred type of SMS gateway. Especially websites which cater to their own country and not to the world as such because they are bound by national boundaries. Thus SMS Aggregator is mostly used as SMS gateway in India. This type of gateway does not have access beyond SMSC and after delivering the messages to them, the SMS are left at the mercy of network service provider for successful delivery to the specified destination.

SS7 Providers : SS7 Providers have been successful in patching up the problem of successful delivery of the SMS. It has succeeded where SMS Aggregators have failed. However, even they have a flaw. They require a huge infrastructure and are far more complex. Strong machines are required to install this service.

How SMS Gateway Works

sms gateway image

SMS Gateway works in two ways according to the type used by the provider. SMS aggregators follows a longer process as they first transfers message from one end to service providers, which then take up the task of forwarding the same to their specified destination. They follow such process as they do not have access to wireless mobile networks. SS7 on the other hand follow a faster process. However, they are bulky and need a lot more space and infrastructure than SMS aggregators. Thus, Indian SMS gateway providers prefer SMS aggregators for websites which cater to their audience, that is, Indian audience only.

The conclusion is that to send bulk messages we need SMS gateways and cannot ignore its presence which has eased the issues that arise with bulk messages. Some of the most popular companies SMS gateway providers in India are SMSGupshup and ValueFirst.

Because we can’t afford to miss the latest trends!

Watching videos on You Tube has not been the same anymore. The advertisements, subscriptions and of course the different type of content issues with the website obstruct the pleasure of enjoying them. It takes a lot of time to load the videos as the buffering process takes place while we are streaming through it. Apart from all of this, we need to remember the names of popular videos, artists, channels etc. in order to save our time and feel the pleasure of watching our favorites. But this is again a big challenge and we are too lazy to make an effort to note down all the names of the popular websites.

Things have changed in the present scenario; everything has to be quick and fast. We hardly remember the popular videos so we save them in the form of bookmarks or cookies on our system or laptop. But is it really convenient for us? What if we do not want to share it with others and what we have someone else using our computer? Well, there are many problems and issues and none of them have a good solution.

fullonsms trending

Well, where there is a will, there’s a way. The way here leads you to the website named, FullonSMS, and a place where you can find a wholesome collection of popular videos across the web. Yes, you heard it right! We are talking about the Latest Trends and Trending Videos section available on the website that allows you to watch videos without any fall. You can find the best videos clubbed together here on the website so you need not search them anywhere else.

You can even add your favorite videos to the already available tab and save them for watching in the future. Also, you can separate the videos that you have watched already so that you do not watch them again. Still confused? Just relax and give yourself the pleasure of watching the best videos at single platform. Logon to and have a great time watching them.

How to download Free Wallpapers on Your Mobile with FullonSMS

Wallpapers are the background pictures on the desktop or on idle or locked screen of mobile. There is usually default wallpaper already set on a new desktop or mobile, but they can be changed according to user’s preference. Nowadays, everybody wants more and more option of wallpapers to choose from, which has led to rise of many websites offering different types and categories of free wallpapers for user’s perusal. One such website is called This website offers more than 10 categories, each consisting of hundreds wallpaper options. One of the best parts about this website is that you can download wallpaper on your desktop or mobile for free. Just follow the given instructions and showoff new wallpapers everyday:

Step 1> Click on the given URL and login with your registered mobile number and password:

FullonSMS Register

Step 2> Type the text shown on captcha of the pop-up window to land on the homepage.

FullonSMS Captcha

Step 3> After successfully landing on the homepage, click on Wallpaper tab and then select any category of your choice from the given list.

FullonSMS wallpapers


Step 4> From the current window screen choose any wallpaper that you want and then click on the Download button.

Fullonsms download wallpapers

Step 5> There are 4 options available.

Fullonsms Wallpaper

Step 6>Back’ options takes you back to the previous screen.

Fullonsms Wallpapers

Step 7>Download’ tab opens a new screen with two more option. Choose either ‘Desktop’ (will download the wallpaper on the desktop) or ‘Mobile’ (will send a link on your mobile number. Click on the link and download free  wallpapers on your mobile. After choosing appropriate option click on Download.

Fullonsms download wallpaper

Step 8> ‘Download using Whatsapp’ button opens a pop-up window which enclose a set of instructions. Follow them to download wallpaper through Whatsapp.

Fullonsms wallpaper using Whatsapp

Step 9> ‘Send to Friends’ tab opens a new screen asking for the numbers of your friends along with a personal message. Fill in the boxes with appropriate information and click on to send to deliver wallpaper and your message to your contacts.

Fullonsms wallpapers send to friens

Follow the above steps and download numerous wallpapers to your heart’s content.

Communication evolution of independent India

67 years of Independence has resulted in numerous development and innovation. One such innovation is of mobile texting or as most commonly called SMS. To make SMS more popular, there are various websites which provide standard form of message ranging

Telegraph Telegram

from humor to sensitive and serious to knowledgeable which are mostly related to particular kind of topic, event or happening like political views, festivals, birthdays, anniversaries etc, which can be used by an individual to send them to their relatives, friends and other loved ones.

But this sort of hi-tech innovations has only been possible after communication development in the Free India. Telecommunication Development after Independence has led to many comforts like mobile communication, broadband communication etc, which has boosted the lifestyle of every individual. At the time of British invasion only communication was through letters. However, during the British rule communication developed from letters to electronic telegraphs to wireless telegraphs, radio telegraph and telephone and trunk dialing.Trunk dialing remained in India for


around a decade and also remained to be the most popular form of communication at the time of Independence. Another change occurred in 1975 when Department of Telecom (DOT) was given the responsibility of telecom service of the full country. Telecom Sector, further, saw another change in 1990 when it was opened up by the Government for the purpose private investment. However, government control over telecom sector was reduced in 1995 by the establishment of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), who took up the mantle to control all the tariff and policy making of this sector. As telecommunication allowed very less mobility it had to give up its place to wireless communication, which is mobile communication and emails.

Wireless communication works with the help of satellite connection and do not need any electric point to function, which helps in communicating to other people while on move very easy. All an individual needs is a mobile and he is good to go. Mobile was invented in the year 1973 in the world by Motorola but was introduced in India on 31st July 1995. Earlier it was used only for calling other people but now it can be used for clicking photographs, sending texts and mails, keeping a track of your

Latest Technology

social networking sites. SMS (Short Message Service) and Emails (Electronic Mails) have led to faster communication of messages. Now people can send all sorts of messages to their loved ones within seconds. Suppose a person want to send an Independence Day SMS to his loved ones on 15 August only then all he has to do is type the message on his mobile and select the contacts and press send. The message will be delivered within seconds. To promote the feeling of being an Indian, user can also send Independence Day Message in Hindi.

Independence day

Just like mobile phones replaced Landline telephone in most of the India, Emails has also taken the place of letter. Emails are nothing but electronic form of letters which are faster and more easy to use. Users can send long mails and messages in bulk to all his contacts simultaneously. For example user can send patriotic Independence Day message to all his contacts in just a few minutes on that very day itself.

Thus, we can say that there has been epic development in telecommunication sector after 67 years of Independence and can only imagine what further 67 years can bring. Send Unlimited free SMS through Fullonsms and create a spirit of patriotism and unity.

Receive feedback with the Mobile Survey

Have you ever heard of any website giving you a platform to review your business idea? Allowing you to get direct feedback from your customer about your product/service. In today’s world of

Recieve Feedback

consumerism, sharing and receiving feedback is the utmost important factor that helps any business to grow and expand. Keeping in mind this factor, FullonSMS has launched an exclusive feature of Mobile Survey on its website that helps you to create a feedback form for your customers and clients.

This very unique feature allows the easy flow of communication between the customer and the concerned firm/organization and vice-versa. You can add all the relevant categories on which you want to get the feedback from the user. It also allows you to see the location of the user/customer which gives you an idea about the

recieve Feedback

popularity of your product in that particular location. You can add unlimited categories to the form that in turn will increase the scope of improvement and will allow the user to be more specific. These three simple steps will make you understand the process easily:

  1. Create a Form: All the queries/information you want to know about your service or product can be added to the form without any problem of limit of the space. The user friendly interface helps the user to fill the form easily.
  2. Add the recipient list: You can add n- number of recipients to the list and share the form with the desired users. Not only this, you can create as many forms as you want and send them to all the users and receive the feedback for the same.
  3. Send the message with the Form: Once you have created your form, it automatically gets saved in the message. Your form is ready and now you just need to click the send option to receive the feedback from the user.

Following the above mentioned steps helps you to get faster results and hence you can easily get your product reviewed. Isn’t this amazing that with a single message you can get your app , business proposal or any new product reviewed in just a single click.

Logon to and experience this amazing feature of receiving feedback along with sending free SMS  to mobile across India. Feedback is just an SMS away, you can get it anytime and anywhere.

SMS Vs Phonecalls : Short Message Service or SMS is the ‘The Ultimate Winner’

Short Message Service or Call

Short Message Service

They are Cheap
One of the major reason people prefer Short Message service or SMS over phone calls are because they are 50% cheaper than the phone calls. And if you are smart enough to choose a SMS recharge you can get hundreds of messages free for on a single recharge of Rs.35-50.

Multiple Contacts

multiple Contacts
It is tiresome and time consuming to call each contact on your phone if you have to convey greetings on occasions and festivals. However you can send an SMS directly to all your friends just by clicking few buttons on your mobile. You can also forward the same message time and again to friends and share your feelings.

Do Not Disturb

do not disturbYes, with SMS you need not disturb anybody. Message can be read at your own time and leisure whereas one has the psychological pressure to receive a call whenever the phone rings. So you can convey your message without having to annoy a friend or relative who is busy with official or personal work.

Short yet Smart


SMS though short can express your feelings which hundreds of words cannot. In fact for those who fear to express their feelings in front of somebody, the best way to convey their message is through messages. Perhaps this is the reason why mostly youths prefer to send text message rather than calling up to express their feelings.

You can store it.
You may not remember the context of the phone calls you received but an SMS in your inbox is a safe unless you delete it. People store important message and interesting text for future use.


privacyWhereas your phone conversation can be overhead by those who are sitting / standing near to you, you can text at the comfort of your classroom without being caught. This is the reason youths make full use of SMS while in travelling in buses/trains, in cinema halls, in libraries and even in classrooms.

Greater Accessibility
You need not worry of a poor connection or weak signals if you are sending SMS. You can also send your message while traveling in fast moving vehicles and trains without having to worry about the loss of signal because you message gets delivered whenever the phone receives back the signal.

They are Free

Surprised? Yes, ‘Short Message Service’ aka SMS are free to send through various online websites and perhaps this is the best reason one should stick on to sending message to friends. To send unlimited free SMS in India, just logon to FullonSmS official website and stay contacted with friends and family.