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Celebrate Women’s Day With Style

happy women's day

Today is the day the world in celebrating International Women’s Day and we could not be more proud to dedicate a day to those people who not only nourish our houses, but also make sure our businesses are on the right path to success. From bringing up a home full of children to making sure that your voices are heard it in the parliament, women have contributed tremendously to the society. So if you are wondering what kind of special things you could do for your mother, daughter, wife, friend or colleague take a look at some of the thoughtful things you can do this Women’s Day.

  • Take Her Out To Dinner: If you are a man blessed with daughters and a lovely wife, make sure you take them out tonight and enjoy Women’s Day with them. Treating your family once a while is not such a bad idea anyways and what other occasion than women’s day.
  • Gift Her A Card: Cards maybe an old fashioned way to wish someone on an occasion, but trust me when I say they can never go out of style. Send her a Women’s Day greeting card to her office and see her face split into a million smiles.
  • Send Her A Free SMS: If you are away from your family and desperately want to wish someone, you can send Free SMS to your loved ones through popular SMS service providing sites such as You can also use a Women’s Day message template if you are aiming to wish a lot of ladies.

Wishing a very Happy Women’s Day to all the women in the World and saluting them for being such an important part of everybody’s life.

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Knowledge is power, but news is boring! We all face this problem all the time!

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Valentine Week List 2016 -Celebrate the week of Love

If your heart is set on someone very special and you are all prepared to pop the question this Valentine’s Day, we have a plan to make your proposal even better. Lovers around the world are dedicated to celebrating the entire Valentine Week, and here is a list of the important dates and days you should remember.

  • 7 Feb- Rose Day : Lovers generally celebrate rose day by presenting each other with a rose. If you have your eyes on a very special person, gift them a rose to approach him/her and leave hints.

rose day pic


  • 8 Feb- Propose Day : This day is special for those people who are eagerly waiting to pour their heart out and confess their feelings to their secret lovers. Gather up the courage to tell express your love to him/her.

propose day pic

  • 9 Feb- Chocolate Day : Chocolate has an interesting part to play when it comes to love. Giving someone a chocolate roughly translates into friendship and love for the person. Gift a chocolate to your loved one and share a sweet moment.

Chocolate day

  • 10 Feb- Teddy Day : Girls love cuddly plush toys and therefore most people celebrate this day to exchange cute gifts with each other. If you do not wish to gift him. Her a soft toy you can gift anything you like.

teddy day pic

  • 11 Feb- Promise Day : Lovers around the world promise to stay by each other’s side on this day and can be a benefit for you if you are trying to woo that special someone. Promise her/him strength and love for eternity and you will have unlocked the doorway to their hearts.

propose day pic

  • 12 Feb- Kiss Day : As they say the beginning of love starts with a kiss, so make sure you kiss that someone special in your life and tell them that you are falling badly for them.

kiss day pic

  • 13 Feb- Hug Day : Hugs are a way of showing affection to someone and can never be out of style if you want to express love for someone. So hug your lover tight and feel the love surge through your veins.

hug day pic

  • 14 Feb- VALENTINE’S DAY : After an entire week of hints, the day of Valentine arrives to share your love and happiness with your loved one.

valentine day sms

So send your lover a heart touching Valentine’s Day SMS this year to express your love to her/him. Log on to to explore thousands of readymade Valentine’s SMS templates that is bound to win the heart of your special one.


The Pincode Story

Not many people are familiar with postal services nowadays, but those who are may know what a Pincode really is. Pincode or popularly known as the Postal Index Number is a code that post offices use to identify a particular location in a city or country. The code is usually six digit long and helps in ease of administration for Postal offices.

History Of Pincode

The PIN Code system was introduced on 15 August 1972 to make manual delivery of letters easier. This system is used by Post offices to simplify the sorting of location and ease of delivering mails to these numbered locations. The Pin code system not only helped them identify and divide locations, but also eliminated confusion over mailing addresses, similar place names and different languages used by the public

Postal Zones in India

In India postal zones are segregated into nine zones that include eight regional zones and one functional zone (Functional Zone is used by the Indian Army). The first digit of the Pin code stands for the region, the second code is used to indicate the sub-region, the third code identifies the sorting district inside the region, and the final three digits in the Pin code are assigned to individual post offices.

The 9 PIN zones cover the Indian states and union territories as follows:

To know a particular Pin code of any area in India, log on to and use the Pin Code Finder feature that helps you identify the Pin Code of any particular region in seconds .

You might soon be able to book an Uber via an SMS!

Yes whatsapping and hiking have been the in-thing these days, but what the old sweet text messages can do, these applications cannot. You know what that is?

It is the breathing system of these applications, which means the internet connection. Many areas in our country still have poor connectivity and many cellular operators have poor data services. One can only rely on the customary sms for such cases. And thankfully, some big companies are realizing that now.

The transportation network giant Uber is developing ways to give the option of booking a cab via an sms to its customers. In a move to make booking rides easier for the public, it would be launching an app that helps them book a ride via an sms. It is also considering lowering down its prices.

Well, it isn’t wrong when it is said old is gold. So not matter how far technology takes us, but I am sure nothing can replace the text message. And that is the reason we are still here. Our website would continue providing you with free text messages so you can continue sending free sms to your friends and relatives and stay connected with them.

Now get your coach cleaned by just an SMS!

Have you ever been into a situation where you have entered your coach of the train for a journey, and found it so unclean that you really want to get something done with it before you continue? Amidst all the news about the Indian Railways getting renovated, and in fact, also even up for a makeover as is heard, one is sure to get confused what to do in such situations, or rather who to contact and who to call in such cases.

Well, here is some good news at least on some of the trains that run on the Indian Railways. Two long distance trains originating from Mysore in Karnataka have been provided with OnBoard Housekeeping Services (OBHS) and have introduced an SMS and web complaint based redressal system in cases when you find your coach is not cleaned well. The Mysuru-Nizamuddin (New Delhi) Swarnajayanthi weekly superfast express and Mysuru-Ajmer-Mysuru bi-weekly express are the two trained bestowed with this facility.

So, if you travelling in any of these and you find your coach not clean, you simply have to take out your phone and send your 10 digit PNR No. To 58888 and that is it. You would get a confirmation code from eCLEAN instantly.

It sounded really amusing to me and would actually be a major step in empowerment of the passengers. Furthermore, this service would be slowly extended to other trains. Do let us know how you feel about it, well, just to remind you, we also have interesting services of offering you free text messages on our website. So you are empowered to send free sms anytime and anywhere in India even when you are out of balance!

4 ways in which sms can help you in your business!


Have you ever taken note of the fact that sending an sms can be much more than just an informal conversation with a friend? These days, the purpose of sending an sms has entirely changed, for conversations happen on WhatsApp or other social media, but what an sms can do can never be replaced.

Sms marketing has been quite a thing lately and almost every business uses the medium for its promotional purposes. Sms marketing has fetched high dividends and still remains to be a popular choice among business owners to spread their word. Four of the very evident benefits that sms marketing brings to these people are below. Read to know interesting stuff.

1.       Personal Connection

An sms is the most personal means of communication, which is used in the world of marketing to build relationships with its current and prospective customers. It could be used for personal messages on their birthdays or anniversary or maybe to wish them a happy new year!

2.       Increases loyalty

Regular engagement with the customers would ensure their loyalty towards the brand. It would help keep the brand’s name in the customer’s mind whenever they go out to look for their products. The personal connect would also help them solve any problems that they might be facing or any grievances they might have.

3.       Target population reach

The customers could be easily segmented depending on their age, gender, location or other criteria and grouped so that the appropriate offer is fired out to the right group. This would help unnecessary spamming of the customer’s inbox with an offer that would not be of any interest to them.

4.       Exclusive messages

If the messages speak of exclusive benefits or high value that the customers would get out of the deal offered, it has high chances of getting responses. Messaging in this way could prove to be one of the major mediums to promote the offers and discounts.

Considering the enormous importance that messages contain, fullonsms continues to provide free text messages or free sms to its customers so they can make the best of it. You can send free sms to anyone across the country and also use our bulk sms services to expand our business

5 out of the world slangs that people use over chat!

Slangs have become a part of speech for online chatting. And especially among the youth, the use of acronyms and cool names has become very popular.

I remember coming across situations where people right a couple of letters in capital and I have no idea what they mean by it. Have you ever too?

There are more slang names than you can imagine. The list is endless. But I have picked some which I found particularly hilarious and put it below. Enjoy reading!


You will spend nights guessing what this is. It means “Are we going to have to go through this again”. Well, I guess it would take longer for me to remember the acronym than just type the phrase! But yes this acronym exists!

2. CD9

Very cool one this is. It means “Code 9 (Parents are around)”. Teenagers are actually getting smarter than their parents it seems.

3. EOS

Cut down a lengthy argument with your friend with this. EOS. End of story.


This one you can try out on friends and act really cool. It is hilarious as I have heard JK, which means Just Kidding, but this one is too much. It means “Ha Ha Only Kidding”.


This one could really be helpful to you. So next time you send KISS to a girl and she gets offending and everything, you can take an excuse and say you meant only the acronym KISS, which means “Keep it Simple Silly”!!

There are a lot more fun things people can do over chatting. Do let us know if you have some really cool slangs that you use while chatting! And you can chat endless, because we have free text message always for you. You get out of messages, come back again on fullonsms and send free text from here. We also have bulk sms service. So no reasons to stop!

Sending SMS With Full Stops Is Inappropriate

text screen

With busy lives the world is adopting ways by which communication can be as short and apt as possible. Forms of communication such as Whatsapp texts, SMS and emails are gaining quite popularity nowadays. Users can write and send SMS in any language they so prefer, but did you know that SMS messages that end with a full stop are considered less sincere than messages that do not end with full stops?

As per the result of a new study conducted by American researchers, text messages or SMS are perceived to be one of the most frequently used computer-mediated communication (CMC) methods that mimic facial expressions. SMS is also a form of communication which gives rise to a conversation and is therefore considered to be inappropriate when ending with a full stop.

Participants sending SMS to and fro are involved in an exchange of two version conversation where sending short messages with full stops is considered ending their statement with no freedom to allow a contradicting argument to take place. Such an occurrence is considered rude and stubborn by the sender of the message.

When speaking people can easily judge the reaction of the person in front, but conversing through SMS limits their visibility of the person’s reactions and expressions and therefore effects the way a person might intercept the message. Including a full stop in the message might create a grave situation if the receiver intercepts it any negative way.

To send Free SMS to your clients, family, customers and friends, log on to and enjoy the Free SMS services the site has to offer. Also remember to remove the Full Stops from your messages, especially if you are sending thoughtful SMS to clients or customers.

Don’t Miss Out On Family This Chhath Puja

chath pooja wishes

Chhath Puja is an ancient Hindu Vedic festival dedicated to the Sun God. This festival is popularly celebrated in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand and eastern UP. This is a three day festival where apart from praying to the Sun God, people enjoy the get together with friends and family. However, this Chhath Puja might not be the moment of celebration for all of us. Some people are misfortunate enough to spend this festive season rotting in their offices buried under piles of urgent work. At such times the only thing a person craves for is a one holiday which he could spend with his loved ones. understands how important your loved ones are and we try our best to get you closer to them. If you are someone who could not go back home to enjoy Chhath Puja with your family and are missing them or are missing a member of your family who could not join the lavish celebration of Chhath Puja, we will help you stay connected to them for not only this, but every festive occasion.

You can stay in touch with your adorable siblings and your loving parents by sending them Free SMS from our website. You can also send Free Group SMS to all of your relatives at once. Users even have the option to choose from our uniquely designed readymade templates to send dear ones a thoughtful and touching message.

Distances can tarnish the fun of holidays, but staying in touch with your loved ones can restore the lost joy in festivals. We as a leading Bulk SMS Service Provider understand the need of loved ones to stay connected and try to get you in touch with your loved ones in the best way possible. After all we know that love knows no boundaries and we ensure it never has to.