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Essence of Raksha Bandhan

Relationship between a brother and his sister is the purest bond found on Earth. To honor this bond of love and mischievousness, the festival of Raksha bandhan is celebrated all over India, Mauritius and parts of Nepal. It generally takes place on the full moon day of Shravan month of the Hindu calendar. The festival in its crux,


describes the enchanting relation between a sister and her brother, wherein sister ties the rakhi on the wrist of her brother, while praying for his well being and at same time expressing her love for him. In return, the brother vows to protect his sister from all the evils and problems, she might have to face in the future.

Rakhi celebration

It is common knowledge that all of the Indian festivals have originated in the honor of Gods. Rakhi is, however, one such custom which even gods, themselves, held great belief in, which can be seen in some of the legends linked to this tradition. One of the most common legends, perhaps, is the sister-brother relationship between lord Krishna and Draupadi. One of the versions of this myth claims that during the war between Lord Krishna and King Shishupal, Lord Krishna survived the war with a bleeding finger. Draupadi, who saw the bleeding, tore a piece of her saari and tied it around the wrist of Krishna to stop the bleeding. The lord bounded himself to Draupadi, as her brother, in return of her affection and care and stated that he would help her out in her distress. The lord fulfilled his promise by elongating Draupadi’s saari and saving her from the shame, during the game of dice, where Pandavas lost Draupadi to Duryodhana, who in turn ordered removal of Draupadi’s saari.

raksha bsndhsan gift

Another myth associated to this festival is that of between Roxana and King Porus. During the invasion of India by Alexander the Great in 300 BC, his wife sent a rakhi message to King Porus along with the Rakhi and appealed him to not kill her husband. To keep the honor of Roxana’s rakhi, the king spared Alexander’s life in the war later on.

With the festival being thousands of years old, it has incorporated many rituals. The most common ritual that is followed by everyone is preparation of thali which consist of roli, chawal, diya, rakhi and some

Rakhsha Bandhan

mithai (mostly the favorite of the brother). The ritual commence with a puja performed in front of the God, which is then followed by tying of the rakhi thread by sister on her brother’s wrist and putting chawal and roli on his forehead, while wishing and praying for his happiness and good will. It is completed by feeding mithai to the brother and in return brother promises to stand by his sister in all her highs and lows. The brother returns the sentiment of love in a physical form of gifts.

As proven above, Raksha Bandhan festival helps to strengthen the relation between sisters and their brothers. Sometimes brothers and sisters might not be residing in the same cities, in such cases sisters’ mail their rakhi with a soulful and lovable Raksha Bandhan Message to their brothers to remind them of the love and support that they still have back home. However, in this day of technology and mobile innovations, it is even easier for sisters to connect with their brother by sending Raksha Bandhan SMS. So let’s take a vow to always be connected with our brother / sisters as this is one relation which can never be replaced.


Messages of absolute jubilation floated as Millions of GERMAN fans wish on the World Cup Win

Red, black and yellow flags waved across all over as Germany beat Argentina in the World cup final. Tears roll down the painted faces of German fans while Argentina’s fans were left in a state of shock.

Germany beat Argentina in the World cup final

An intense and tight game unfolded with both teams playing pretty good. German team’s victory was thrilling and really cheerful. It got smiles on the faces of the crowd as they started texting.

“Better team always wins” was unanimous message sent. “They earned it” said the other.


“Germany wins the #WORLD CUP. Mario Goetze was the savior and became a national Hero” was the major update across the globe. He truly is a national champion. “Germans are the champions” and many such powerful updates and wishes went across. The team won the cup for the people of Deutschland. People left their work and congratulated or wished each other.

World cup win electrified the nation and sort of also symbolized the nation’s top presence and dominance in the sports world. It also somehow sends signals of their might and their strong global comeback. Underlying tone behind each message shared was the message of victory and pride.

german fanss

People hugged, cheered. They sent each other messages and texted. Fireworks exploded and the sound of win resonated everywhere. People were in good mood. The spirit of cheer and good wishes will continue for a long time. This dramatic win could even bring an upswing in the economy of the nation.


Argentina felt desolated and dejected. Lionel Messi was left in tears. They gave a tough fight to Germans but were left disappointed. They played some good football. There can only be one winner.


Life goes on. So, my dear friends do not feel sad when you lose. Cheer up and encourage those who cannot reach their goals. One should not lose hope. Be with your friends when they are going through a tough time. Stay in touch.

fan sending sms

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Internet kay bina jindagi hai adhuri!

I just moved from one city to other. And I have to tell you that without internet I felt ‘lost’. Virtual connections and relationships are not personal but they somehow make you feel sane. Internet is a friend. Without internet most people feel lonely. Most teenagers cannot switch off their phone only when battery is dying or they are being spammed. It sounds ridiculous to those who are not addicted to the internet but for most it is a feeling of no or zero existence if there is no internet.

Internet users

Life without internet makes one feel helpless. People try all sorts of tactics to get internet. Common tactics are to go to a cyber cafe, try locating neighbor’s Wi-Fi which does not have a password or go to a friend’s house. Laptop and phones feel lifeless without internet.

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera

Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

This song is for the internet lady in our life. Almost nothing gets done without internet. Internet has become most notable and reliable part of our lives. It is hard to imagine what will happen without Internet. Lot of businesses, institutions, projects have web as their main resource. Internet has granted unlimited freedom and power. It has a created a powerhouse of ideas and vision. This has been a magnificent gift to the mankind.

Internet is not just wires and crossover of wires. It is the database of knowledge. Every bit of information either big or small is on the web. It hosts all the data and information to enhance our knowledge and ability. Web is a huge success and made people very vulnerable. It has also added different complexities and added several channel of intricacies. People are not recalling and adapting old medieval times when things were simpler and easier.

Internet can be destroyed by cyber war and terror. This may sound fictional but can become real. There are lot of stories floating on how cyber games have been played between nations and power groups to destroy each other.

Internet has made it feasible to share and connect with people. It is like a true friend listening and providing help in times of need. It provides reliable and accurate data. Internet websites offer many facilities for communication and contact through voice, image, email and text. There are websites where recharge facility on your phone is possible. You could use free SMS service too. It has become very popular to use such options as they are free of cost and can be done any time of the day.

Internet has always been, and always will be, a magic box.

Marc Andeerssen

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Budget 2014 Highlights



  • There have been no changes in tax rate. Tax exemption limit has been simply raised from Rs.2 Lakhs to Rs.2.5 Lakhs. So those earning 25000 to 30000 per month need to pay taxes if they do some savings too.
  • Savings / investment limit under Section 80C has been raised from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakhs which is a good news for those citizens who believe in savings.
  • PPF limit has been raised to Rs 1.5 lakh per year. Another good news for the Taxpayers is that Housing Loan rebate has been raised from 1.5 lakhs to 2 lakhs.
  • The Senior citizens has something theto cherish about. Saving exemption limit for them has been raised to Rs 3 lakh per annum.

House wives, & General Public


  • For Housewives, there is some good news and some bad. Whereas costs of Color TVs / LED TVs, cotton clothes, leggings, Oil & Oil products, shoes and soaps have been reduced but government has increased the duties on Cosmetics.
  • Costs of bottled / packaged consumer goods would go down as the government has decided to reduce duties on food processing. Duties on Medicines & all solar powered products have also been reduced.
  • The FM has assured that steps would be taken to boost supply of vegetables and reduce the juicy margins. Hoarding of essential commodities would be made a non-bailable offence.
  • A Price Stabilization Fund of Rs.500 crores has been setup to fight inflation.
  • Cigarettes Cigar, Pan Masala, Gutka, Tobacco and Tobacco products would be costlier. Bottled Juice and aerated water products with added sugar ie. cold drinks (such as Pepsi, Coke etc.) to be costlier.
  • Travelling in Radio Taxi & availing Catering facility would now cost you more.

Youths and Students

Budget 2014

  • Youths can cheer as the costs of Mobile, Laptops and Computers would go down. However, youths who like show-off their branded and designer clothes in their friend circle would have be shelve out more money for the Branded clothes with increase in duties.
  • There is further good news for students as the government has decided to setup four more AIIMS and 5 more IITs and IIMs. This would increase the overall seats of Engineering, Medical & Management aspirants in the IITs & AIIMs and going to create more job opportunities for them.

Defence Personnel

Defense| Fullonsms

  • Saluting the Real Heroes of the Nation, the government has approved the ‘One Rank One Pension’ policy for defence personnel which would benefit over 25 lakhs retired military personnel.
  • 49 % FDI has been allowed in the Defence Sector to boost production of defense equipments locally.

For Farmers

Budget 2014 |Fullonsms

  • The FM has tried to outline a road-map for modernization of agriculture techniques in India with a budgetary allocation of Rs 100 crore for setting up an “Agri-Tech Infrastructure Fund”
  • A 1000 crore scheme “Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana” has been initiated to provide assured irrigation.
  • Several Agriculture Research Centre and 100 mobile laboratories are to be setup and Rs.100 earmarked for Soil Health Card Scheme.

For North-East

  • Rs.1,000 crore for rail connectivity, Rs.2,000 crore for road connectivity and Rs.100 crore to promote ‘Organic Farming’ in North-East.
  • A 24×7 news channel called ‘Arun Prabha’, will be started in the northeast region.

For Ganga

Budget 2014

  • The Holy river seems to be the biggest gainer with the FM allocating Rs 2037 crore to clean up Ganga under the ‘Namami Ganga’ Project and a separate NRI fund has been setup to receive donations for conservation of ganga.
  • Rs 100 crore has also been set aside for development and beautification of the ghats at Kedarnath, Haridwar, Kanpur, Varanasi, Allahabad, Patna and Delhi.


Dear Jaitelyji,

Namaste! Accept my warm greetings on your first assignment as the Finance Minister and a challenging task to present the first Budget of the newly elected government to the country. I can understand it is difficult to present a budget that can please all the citizens but I have been doing the same for the last 15 years within the limited resources available within my kitchen.


15 years back when I was married, my husband promised me that our good day are going to arrive soon. But for the last 15 yrs I have been struggling to manage my home without any hint of ‘the good days’. It was only when your party promised that “Achhe Din Aane Wale Hain”, my faith was revived and I made sure to give you the mandate for the same. Now is the time for you to deliver the “Acche Din”(Good days).

budget 2014

I do not know the intricacies of the financial world and economic jargons and neither do have time enough for it. What I am concerned is about my Kitchen and my home and how to manage it within the limited budget available.

Why all the governments are against subsidies? Don’t you guys create Special Economic Zones and give away land at cheap rates to corporates and businessmen with the hope to create an infrastructure to sustain the economy in future. I too, toil day and night to creating a human-infrastructure for the country. One of my sons wants to be an engineer and the other wants to serve the country as an Army Officer. After another decade I am going dedicate to the country the best of the citizens. So what is the harm if you provide me LPG, water and electricity at subsidized rates?

bidgett 2014

I know inflation has to rise but what I am more concerned about are the basic things that are important for a family. If you want me to build a healthy and vibrant India do not allow the giant of inflation to swallows pulses, cereals, milk, and other basic grocery items. Any steep rise in costs of Fruits and Vegetables price should be controlled especially during adverse climatic conditions. Raise excise on Liquor and Cigarettes but please ensure that our children get food, milk, books and magazines, computers and internet at the cheapest rate possible. Costs of Cosmetics, DTH /Cable TV services and Mobile call rates and other house-hold items of daily use should be brought down.

vegetables price

Another thing that worries me is the cost of education. The school fees are becoming unmanageable and higher education drains out every penny we save for our future. Please let me know in this budget if you have plans to control the rising cost of education in India. If right to education is a fundamental right, then right to quality education at manageable costs should be a directive principle for the government. Do you have a vision to achieve this goal?

Finally, I must remind you that “Acche Din” or Good days should not be a term in ‘future continuous tense’ but should be converted into ‘Present Tense’ failing which the present government would have to settle down to ‘Past Tense’ after Five years.

Without any pre-judice


An Indian Housewife

Jashodaben: In the wife of NaMo

“I have no familial ties, who would I ever try to benefit through corruption?”This is what the PM candidate of BJP told the crowd while addressing them in Himachal Pradesh.


After a month, the news papers and TV channels interviewed a retired school teacher presenting herself as the better half of Narendra Modi. The country, people, opposition and NaMo supporters had different thoughts about Jashodaben, yes this is her name. While country was curiously waiting for the reaction of Narendra Bhai Modi, he filled his nomination declaring Jashodaben his wife. This clearly doesn’t mean that now he has someone to benefit, but question still remains why and that too after 42 years? His rivals hope that this revelation will knock down his popularity among women who might empathize with Jashodaben, whom he never returned to after two weeks of their marriage.

Since 1992, when Gujarati weekly Abhiyan carried for the first time a news story on Modi’s marriage, Jashodaben and her family have avoided interacting with media, calling it a personal affair and wishing Modi good luck in his endeavors. Most of the people have a fair idea about the life of Narendra Modi but this new development came as shock for the country. There must have been certain reasons for such a decision by Narendra Modi. To dig the circumstances it’s important to look at the life of the man on mission. Mr. Modi got married to Jashodaben in his native village, Vadnagar, in Mehsana district, when she was 18. At the time of her mar­riage Jashodaben had just completed her Class 8th exams. That is assumed a reason for their disturbed relationship. A few days after the mar­riage, Jashodaben was sent back to her father Chimanlal’s house to complete her education.

After coming back to her own house, she started studying in Dholaka and com­pleted her senior secondary in 1972. Jashodaben joined a primary school in Banaskantha district and was later transferred to the Roopal village where she worked for 12 years. Since the year 1992, she has been staying in Rajosana village and had been to Ahmadabad occasionally but was never asked to stay on by her husband. Though she deserves a better life but still Jashodaben with her monthly salary of Rs 10,000, lives in a one-room residence in the village, and pays a rent of Rs 150 every month. What’s on the card? Is there a pleasant stay for her in Janpath or she is left comfortable with routine life in Roopal village? While Jashodaben is still in the limbo of NaMo, there has been no serious reaction from Narendra Bhai Modi and country is curiously waiting for the day when he gets the command of Delhi.