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FullonSMS – Premium Services for Free

fullonsms freemium

FullonSMS is a multipurpose website whose main aim is to help its user in connecting to friends and family all over India without paying for it. The website allows its user to send free SMS to any Indian mobile number . User can send personal message to a single contact or to a group at a very fast speed.

These messages could include video greetings, images, embedded links of any type of video, wallpapers etc along with your message. Apart from SMS, the website also offers whole different genre of activities, which are sorted in two categories – Free Services and Premium Services.

FullonSMS: Free Services

These services can be availed by the registered user for free. With activities like Wallpaper and FB covers users can change the profile covers of Facebook account and desktop or mobile background to any new, trendy and occasion based picture. On birthdays, anniversaries and festivals wishing people with a simple message is quite common, however, with video greetings users can wish and greet loved ones in a new and funky way.

Trendy videos and articles not only help the user to be busy and entertained but also keep them in the loop with the world news. Picture abhi baaki hai is a game in which when answered correctly users can certain credit points that can be later on used to buy more SMS than just the 50 regular allotted for the day. These credit points can also be earned by inviting friends to FullonSMS either by sending free SMS or email.

FullonSMS: Premium Services

Another category of services offered by the website is called Premium Services which were launched recently itself. Premium Services are paid services that can only be subscribed by the registered FullonSMS user. There are, at present, two monthly and two yearly plans for Premium Services. The main aim of these services is to boost the business of the users and help them connect with their clients by creating online survey forms and get their response on the mobile itself. To grow their business users can

fullonsms services

make website online with the help of microsite feature which is very responsive in nature. With features like 50+ SMS, ads free SMS and advance report, which shows the SMS delivery status of the user, the price asked for the package becomes almost negligible.

The big news is that FullonSMS is ringing in Christmas this year by offering premium services for free to all those users who register on the website on the Christmas Day.

Christmas Campaign Details

Below listed are relevant details of the Christmas Campaign started by FullonSMS:
Start Date : 25th January, 2014 – Thursday
• End Date: 3rd January, 2015 – Saturday
• Number of Days: 10 days

During this campaign, apart from premium services that will become Free, SMS service is also getting enhanced. From 25th December, 2014 users will be able to send free SMS of 264 characters instead of 250.
So what are you waiting for!!This Christmas day register with www.FullonSMS.com and avail the premium services free for 10 days. Remember that you will get 10 days only if you register on 25th December, 2014. More days you take to register, lesser days you will get for free premium services, as the campaign ends on 3rd January, 2015.

Make the best use of Internet with free messaging services


Our daily routines cannot be over without accessing the internet, a world which is full of new things, websites, apps and stuff related to almost every vista of our life. We can find answers to all our problems, though probability is less that all of them would be correct but we do get an answer. It is a hub of information, entertainment, education and much more. A recent research has stated that the number of users in the world is increasing by 61%, half yearly. It is because of the large network of internet that we all love using it all the time.

New mobile phones, latest fashion trends, hot news of the bollywood celebrities, new restaurant in the town, live telecast of a cricket match etc.  All this stuff can be easily explored across the web. If you ever get lost in a jungle, internet can pull you out of it safely with the advanced GPS systems, which again, is a development of technology. There are many other good things that have been gifted to us by this unique technology. One of those is, FullOnSMS.com, a unique platform to share, express and connect with each other with the help of Free SMS service. The website allows its users to send free online messages to any number in India within a short span of time.

It is one of the best websites on the web that offers SMS for every occasions and events. Also, it has large variety of wallpapers with different categories and themes. You can even Schedule a message in advance for a friend’s birthday or share funny messages with the help of Group SMS feature. Even if you are bored of doing all this, you can play a game and earn credits to get extra messages without any subscription.

Though internet has a large variety of websites that offer free sms, but FullOnSMS stands out to be the best out of all in terms of delivery, usability, variety and entertainment. Now you can even promote your small business across the web with the Premium Services of the website.

So, make the best use of your internet usage and spend time on www.FullOnSMS.com to experience an entirely different approach of connecting, sharing and promoting yourself and of course your product/service to reach the heights of success.

Express yourself better with FullOnSMS.com


CommunicationCommunication is a vital part of every human being’s life. We love to talk, share and gossip with each other whether we are in a good mood or a bad mood. It’s not that we have to do it but actually we can’t stay without talking to each other. Some of us are so keen and dedicated to communicate that we do not even miss the chance on the dining table or even in the middle of a formal conversation. In simple words, a normal human being could never survive without interacting with the people present around him. We always need someone with whom we can share, talk, laugh, relax and clear certain doubts as well. The situation is even better when we find a person who knows our mother tongue language as we are most comfortable while communicating in the same. Basically, language is the only thing that unites us besides all other differences; it gives us a common platform and feeling which cannot be compared to anything in this world.

We often meet people from different castes, religions, regions, nationality etc. who are different in many aspects; but one common term makes them feel alike i.e. the language in which they connect to each other. Once we start communicating in the same language we develop it as a habit and use it almost everywhere, like while sending any SMS, mail, invitation etc. But when it comes to connecting in written form, we lack many resources. Either we do not have the required font/language or we do not know how to type (in the case of mobile or computer). Then we usually adopt the slang language, which is actually a mixture of our favorite and the common language. But what of you get a chance of sending any text message in your own native language. Yes, this is possible only with FullOnSMS.com. The Multilingual SMS feature offered by this website helps you send SMS in more than 15 Indian languages, with the help of which, you can express yourself in an effective way.
The feature provides you the option of sending a text message in different languages and sends it to any mobile number in the country. Hence, you get the freedom of expression and words. Thus, you can send SMS to all your relatives, old friends and those who share the bond of common language with you.

Try this amazing feature today only at www.FullonSMS.com and share memories with your old friends and relatives today, because nothing can better than speaking and communicating your mother tongue.

Play and Learn with the Quiz only at FullonSMS

Are you good with your General Knowledge? Is your IQ level perfect? Then let’s test your intelligence level with the latest Quiz questions on www.FullonSMS.com . You can brush up your General Knowledge with the daily quiz questions available on the website. Here are the steps to that will guide you how to play and enhance your knowledge along with sending a free SMS:

1. Logon to FullonSMS : You can directly click on the URL to reach the website or simply type FullonSMS in the search bar of your browser and you will land up to the website.
2. Click on the Play Quiz Option: Once you reach the home page, you can see different tabs and categories on the same. Scroll down the home page and click on the Daily Quiz category at the bottom of the page.

fullonsms quiz

3. Enjoy and Update your Knowledge by playing the Quiz: The interesting quiz questions will definitely be a fun to play and you can upgrade your knowledge with the latest information provided in the form of questions and polls.

fullonsms quiz 1

FullonSMS brings an opportunity for you to play, learn and you to brush up your knowledge and skills along with the ability to send free messages throughout the country. If you are a learner, you can learn and if you are a genius, you can test your ability and know your IQ level. Start the fun & join the club of knowledge only with FullonSMS .

Why trending section on Fullonsms is so popular?

Fullonsms.com is a vibrant website offering much more than just free SMS services. Users can send video greeting, quotes, and wallpapers to their family and friends to wish for festivals, special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. One of the best features about Fullonsms is its Trending Service. Trending service offers users quotes, articles, videos, etc on current and upcoming topics which has resulted in increase of its popularity by a large number.

Fullonsms trending


There are also numerous other reasons for its popularity such as:

Categories: This section showcases wide range of categories such as articles, videos, quotes, jokes, SMS, pictures. Users can also use this service to send trendy messages through Whatsapp by using Whatsapp category. Hollywood and Bollywood categories offer news surrounding celebrities and their work.

Consistent Posts: Some websites offer interesting articles and stories, but the consistency of their posts is not regular. Fullonsms trending section posts articles, videos, quotes etc at a regular interval which makes the user more loyal to the website. Moreover the topics cover latest happenings around the world and keep the user up to date with the world.

Wide Range of Emotions: The topics of the trending section depict different range of emotions. You can find articles and videos on sensational topics to funny and sarcastic. Videos on current topics are also available for the user’s perusal.

So what are you waiting for? Just logon to fullonsms.com with your mobile number and password and get discovering new and trendy topics in a totally twisted way.


Fullonsms Mobile Locator

Fullonsms.com is a website which offers user numerous services apart from sending free SMS to any mobile phone in India. Users can send personalized greetings to their relatives and friends by the way of video greetings, wallpapers and quotes ranging from funny to serious to inspirational. A new feature added by the website is called Mobile Locator which allows the user to locate the region in which the mobile phone is present. To use this feature follow the listed steps carefully:

Step 1> Logon to the website with your registered mobile number and password on the following URL: http://fullonsms.com/login.php



Step 2> Type the code in the given space shown on the Captcha to prove that you are a human.


Step 3> After successful login you will land on the home page of the website. Click on Mobile locator tab.


Step 4> Mobile locator page offers two options: Mobile Locator and Pin code Locator. To locate the mobile phone all users have to do is type the mobile number in the given space.



Step 5> When click on Find Location the screen shows the map of the area where the mobile is present and also the network operator of the mobile.



Step 6> Pin code Locator allows the user to search via two options: one is by pin code and the other is by city. Select the appropriate option and fill in the details in the given space.


Step 7> After clicking on Search, a new screen will open which will contain the details like pin code, city, state and the map showing the area selected.



So, if you have lost your mobile phone or just want to know the location of other mobile numbers, just logon to fullonsms.com.

Make Real relations and not reel relations!

Bollywood and comedy go hand in hand! You hardly find any movie without any hilarious moments which are not that funny. The recently released movie “Humshakals” is yet another example of  forced to laugh comedy with the concept of showing the duplicates. The director of the movie, Sajid Khan is known for producing   good quality comedy movies but this time he got failed. The idea of showing duplicates is somewhat old concept but couldn’t work in the movie.


The viewers and the audiences is so diligent that they even want the comedy to be of a standardized level. The shows like “Comedy Nights with Kapil” , Laughter Challenge etc have raised the bar of stand-up comedy so high that people want to see the originality. Since the movie, humshakals had so many duplicate characters that its originality got lost somewhere.

This happens with us even in our daily life routine as well, we have become so used to the common and boring ways of entertainment that we have started looking for the new ones. We hardly miss any chance to criticize anything because we can’t miss our dose of entertainment.  But, is it always related to the reel life comedy?! The answer is no, because the real life stars of our life – our friends, relatives , acquaintances are more popular in our lives.

friends indian

They are the ones with whom we share the real laughter, joy and happiness of our life, the real life celebrities of our life. So why do we waste our time while watching those scripted scenes when we can create our own real story. The story where we are the producers, actors and the audiences! It is indeed the best movie that shows us the reality of life, teaches about the various things of our life. The joy of sharing with our dear ones can never be measured, so why making duplicate memories when we can create the original ones!

Making the original memories involves sharing the real experiences, and messages are the best way to express them! Send Free SMS to your friends and make them feel good and special. FullonSMS helps you to stay connected with your real friends and make original memories forever.

Football Shootball, Haaye Rabba!

FIFA 2014 has become the most popular topic of the present times! Be the cool hairstyles, the cool jerseys of the teams or the Suarez’s bite! The fever and popularity is going high day by day. It has made even the Non-football lovers watch it so curiously. The midnight matches (as per the IST) have made the routines a bit interesting from the ordinary ones.

FIFA-World-Cup-2014It is just a game but the craze for the same could be easily seen on the social media posts, tweets and the betting over by the masses.  From a 10-year old kid to a software engineer, everyone wants to know the score of their favorite team. But whatsoever the craze may be, it has given yet another reason to celebrate and talk about apart from the usual topics like politics and poverty! It is surely a game of goals, but your life’s goal get distracted due to the unusual timings of the matches! Though the game is popular within the age group of 18-30 years of young boys, small children like to watch it too as their elder sibling is doing it too and that too at midnight time.

brazil-fansWell, another fact gets highlighted here is it is making people come together, children like the FIFA merchandise, the young boys like the tricks of goals and girls like the players! Everyone has their own reason to watch it, but one thing that is common is they are sharing the time which they hardly find with each other. This is one good part of a game that it makes you come close to your loved ones.  You share good times with each other and make good memories, just like the bond of connecting to each other after a long time. It is all because of the spirit of game that keeps us unite all the time.

sending messagesWe are in the age where people have no time to share and express their feelings. Sending SMS Online is one good opportunity for all of us to stay connected all the time, it is a free messaging service that is available on a number of websites. “FullonSMS” is the website that helps you re-unite with your family, friends and loved ones with the help of text messages. You can create a group over this website and send messages to all its members, without any extra cost.

So, even if no game is scheduled, you can share good times , simply send a message and strengthen your bond of love and care.