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The Pincode Story

Not many people are familiar with postal services nowadays, but those who are may know what a Pincode really is. Pincode or popularly known as the Postal Index Number is a code that post offices use to identify a particular location in a city or country. The code is usually six digit long and helps in ease of administration for Postal offices.

History Of Pincode

The PIN Code system was introduced on 15 August 1972 to make manual delivery of letters easier. This system is used by Post offices to simplify the sorting of location and ease of delivering mails to these numbered locations. The Pin code system not only helped them identify and divide locations, but also eliminated confusion over mailing addresses, similar place names and different languages used by the public

Postal Zones in India

In India postal zones are segregated into nine zones that include eight regional zones and one functional zone (Functional Zone is used by the Indian Army). The first digit of the Pin code stands for the region, the second code is used to indicate the sub-region, the third code identifies the sorting district inside the region, and the final three digits in the Pin code are assigned to individual post offices.

The 9 PIN zones cover the Indian states and union territories as follows:

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