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Now get your coach cleaned by just an SMS!

Have you ever been into a situation where you have entered your coach of the train for a journey, and found it so unclean that you really want to get something done with it before you continue? Amidst all the news about the Indian Railways getting renovated, and in fact, also even up for a makeover as is heard, one is sure to get confused what to do in such situations, or rather who to contact and who to call in such cases.

Well, here is some good news at least on some of the trains that run on the Indian Railways. Two long distance trains originating from Mysore in Karnataka have been provided with OnBoard Housekeeping Services (OBHS) and have introduced an SMS and web complaint based redressal system in cases when you find your coach is not cleaned well. The Mysuru-Nizamuddin (New Delhi) Swarnajayanthi weekly superfast express and Mysuru-Ajmer-Mysuru bi-weekly express are the two trained bestowed with this facility.

So, if you travelling in any of these and you find your coach not clean, you simply have to take out your phone and send your 10 digit PNR No. To 58888 and that is it. You would get a confirmation code from eCLEAN instantly.

It sounded really amusing to me and would actually be a major step in empowerment of the passengers. Furthermore, this service would be slowly extended to other trains. Do let us know how you feel about it, well, just to remind you, we also have interesting services of offering you free text messages on our website. So you are empowered to send free sms anytime and anywhere in India even when you are out of balance!