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You might soon be able to book an Uber via an SMS!

Yes whatsapping and hiking have been the in-thing these days, but what the old sweet text messages can do, these applications cannot. You know what that is?

It is the breathing system of these applications, which means the internet connection. Many areas in our country still have poor connectivity and many cellular operators have poor data services. One can only rely on the customary sms for such cases. And thankfully, some big companies are realizing that now.

The transportation network giant Uber is developing ways to give the option of booking a cab via an sms to its customers. In a move to make booking rides easier for the public, it would be launching an app that helps them book a ride via an sms. It is also considering lowering down its prices.

Well, it isn’t wrong when it is said old is gold. So not matter how far technology takes us, but I am sure nothing can replace the text message. And that is the reason we are still here. Our website would continue providing you with free text messages so you can continue sending free sms to your friends and relatives and stay connected with them.

Now get your coach cleaned by just an SMS!

Have you ever been into a situation where you have entered your coach of the train for a journey, and found it so unclean that you really want to get something done with it before you continue? Amidst all the news about the Indian Railways getting renovated, and in fact, also even up for a makeover as is heard, one is sure to get confused what to do in such situations, or rather who to contact and who to call in such cases.

Well, here is some good news at least on some of the trains that run on the Indian Railways. Two long distance trains originating from Mysore in Karnataka have been provided with OnBoard Housekeeping Services (OBHS) and have introduced an SMS and web complaint based redressal system in cases when you find your coach is not cleaned well. The Mysuru-Nizamuddin (New Delhi) Swarnajayanthi weekly superfast express and Mysuru-Ajmer-Mysuru bi-weekly express are the two trained bestowed with this facility.

So, if you travelling in any of these and you find your coach not clean, you simply have to take out your phone and send your 10 digit PNR No. To 58888 and that is it. You would get a confirmation code from eCLEAN instantly.

It sounded really amusing to me and would actually be a major step in empowerment of the passengers. Furthermore, this service would be slowly extended to other trains. Do let us know how you feel about it, well, just to remind you, we also have interesting services of offering you free text messages on our website. So you are empowered to send free sms anytime and anywhere in India even when you are out of balance!

Stock Exchange SMS Scam

 Bombay Stock Exchange Mumbai

Using its special powers of conducting surprise visits and accessing call data records, SEBI( Securities and Exchange Board of India)was able to bring light to a SMS scam in which general public and financial investors were being fooled by getting tips for investment in Stock Exchange. Companies were sending SMS to people regarding investment opportunities with promise from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 75,000.

SEBI has restrained two individuals and four associated entities. To curb the situation created, as a temporary measure it has ordered them not to participate in any kind of financial investment or advice. They are, furthermore, stopped from performing, direct and indirect, dealing in securities market till any further orders. These two individuals violated the trust of general public in not only financial institutions, but also in BSE and NSE, through just a simple medium of SMS. As stated by SEBI, “these individuals had also made representation in reckless and careless manner in their messages and website suggesting facts which are not true”.

Message Recived
Sending SMS now days has become even easier due to the emergence of sites which allow people to send SMS to any number without paying a single penny for it. All the user has to do is getting registered with the website and they are free to send any type of SMS without any restraints. However, these websites were not created for the purpose of causing grievances to any person. Their main aim was to allow users to connect with their loved ones and clients by sending free SMS. User can also send messages to a group or schedule SMS to be sent at a later date and time.
Apart from sending SMS there is whole new fun stuff that can entertain user for a long time on the website. Trending articles and videos are one major source of entertainment which also keeps them up to date with the world news. Users can also share videos, greetings, images and wallpapers with their contacts by attaching them in the message.
People can register with the website for free and start sending free SMS to a single contact or a group from anywhere and anytime as the website can be accessed from mobile or tablet having an internet connection. Although these websites do not restrict their users from sending any sort of SMS, it is the responsibility of the user that they do not send distasteful SMS to any other individual for their personal gain.

Communication evolution of independent India

67 years of Independence has resulted in numerous development and innovation. One such innovation is of mobile texting or as most commonly called SMS. To make SMS more popular, there are various websites which provide standard form of message ranging

Telegraph Telegram

from humor to sensitive and serious to knowledgeable which are mostly related to particular kind of topic, event or happening like political views, festivals, birthdays, anniversaries etc, which can be used by an individual to send them to their relatives, friends and other loved ones.

But this sort of hi-tech innovations has only been possible after communication development in the Free India. Telecommunication Development after Independence has led to many comforts like mobile communication, broadband communication etc, which has boosted the lifestyle of every individual. At the time of British invasion only communication was through letters. However, during the British rule communication developed from letters to electronic telegraphs to wireless telegraphs, radio telegraph and telephone and trunk dialing.Trunk dialing remained in India for


around a decade and also remained to be the most popular form of communication at the time of Independence. Another change occurred in 1975 when Department of Telecom (DOT) was given the responsibility of telecom service of the full country. Telecom Sector, further, saw another change in 1990 when it was opened up by the Government for the purpose private investment. However, government control over telecom sector was reduced in 1995 by the establishment of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), who took up the mantle to control all the tariff and policy making of this sector. As telecommunication allowed very less mobility it had to give up its place to wireless communication, which is mobile communication and emails.

Wireless communication works with the help of satellite connection and do not need any electric point to function, which helps in communicating to other people while on move very easy. All an individual needs is a mobile and he is good to go. Mobile was invented in the year 1973 in the world by Motorola but was introduced in India on 31st July 1995. Earlier it was used only for calling other people but now it can be used for clicking photographs, sending texts and mails, keeping a track of your

Latest Technology

social networking sites. SMS (Short Message Service) and Emails (Electronic Mails) have led to faster communication of messages. Now people can send all sorts of messages to their loved ones within seconds. Suppose a person want to send an Independence Day SMS to his loved ones on 15 August only then all he has to do is type the message on his mobile and select the contacts and press send. The message will be delivered within seconds. To promote the feeling of being an Indian, user can also send Independence Day Message in Hindi.

Independence day

Just like mobile phones replaced Landline telephone in most of the India, Emails has also taken the place of letter. Emails are nothing but electronic form of letters which are faster and more easy to use. Users can send long mails and messages in bulk to all his contacts simultaneously. For example user can send patriotic Independence Day message to all his contacts in just a few minutes on that very day itself.

Thus, we can say that there has been epic development in telecommunication sector after 67 years of Independence and can only imagine what further 67 years can bring. Send Unlimited free SMS through Fullonsms and create a spirit of patriotism and unity.