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5 out of the world slangs that people use over chat!

Slangs have become a part of speech for online chatting. And especially among the youth, the use of acronyms and cool names has become very popular.

I remember coming across situations where people right a couple of letters in capital and I have no idea what they mean by it. Have you ever too?

There are more slang names than you can imagine. The list is endless. But I have picked some which I found particularly hilarious and put it below. Enjoy reading!


You will spend nights guessing what this is. It means “Are we going to have to go through this again”. Well, I guess it would take longer for me to remember the acronym than just type the phrase! But yes this acronym exists!

2. CD9

Very cool one this is. It means “Code 9 (Parents are around)”. Teenagers are actually getting smarter than their parents it seems.

3. EOS

Cut down a lengthy argument with your friend with this. EOS. End of story.


This one you can try out on friends and act really cool. It is hilarious as I have heard JK, which means Just Kidding, but this one is too much. It means “Ha Ha Only Kidding”.


This one could really be helpful to you. So next time you send KISS to a girl and she gets offending and everything, you can take an excuse and say you meant only the acronym KISS, which means “Keep it Simple Silly”!!

There are a lot more fun things people can do over chatting. Do let us know if you have some really cool slangs that you use while chatting! And you can chat endless, because we have free text message always for you. You get out of messages, come back again on fullonsms and send free text from here. We also have bulk sms service. So no reasons to stop!