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Valentine Week List 2016 -Celebrate the week of Love

If your heart is set on someone very special and you are all prepared to pop the question this Valentine’s Day, we have a plan to make your proposal even better. Lovers around the world are dedicated to celebrating the entire Valentine Week, and here is a list of the important dates and days you should remember.

  • 7 Feb- Rose Day : Lovers generally celebrate rose day by presenting each other with a rose. If you have your eyes on a very special person, gift them a rose to approach him/her and leave hints.

rose day pic


  • 8 Feb- Propose Day : This day is special for those people who are eagerly waiting to pour their heart out and confess their feelings to their secret lovers. Gather up the courage to tell express your love to him/her.

propose day pic

  • 9 Feb- Chocolate Day : Chocolate has an interesting part to play when it comes to love. Giving someone a chocolate roughly translates into friendship and love for the person. Gift a chocolate to your loved one and share a sweet moment.

Chocolate day

  • 10 Feb- Teddy Day : Girls love cuddly plush toys and therefore most people celebrate this day to exchange cute gifts with each other. If you do not wish to gift him. Her a soft toy you can gift anything you like.

teddy day pic

  • 11 Feb- Promise Day : Lovers around the world promise to stay by each other’s side on this day and can be a benefit for you if you are trying to woo that special someone. Promise her/him strength and love for eternity and you will have unlocked the doorway to their hearts.

propose day pic

  • 12 Feb- Kiss Day : As they say the beginning of love starts with a kiss, so make sure you kiss that someone special in your life and tell them that you are falling badly for them.

kiss day pic

  • 13 Feb- Hug Day : Hugs are a way of showing affection to someone and can never be out of style if you want to express love for someone. So hug your lover tight and feel the love surge through your veins.

hug day pic

  • 14 Feb- VALENTINE’S DAY : After an entire week of hints, the day of Valentine arrives to share your love and happiness with your loved one.

valentine day sms

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