Dussehra SMS

May this Dussehra ,light up for you.The hopThis sms will explode in 5 seconds.... :05 :04 :03 :02 :01 (((((boom))))) Happy Dipawalies of Happy times,And dreams for a year full of smiles! Wish you Happ
May all the tensions in ur life burn along with the effigy of Ravna,May you be successful and happy ever! Happy Dussehra!
Day 4 victory of Ram over Ravana,Lets celebrate together and Believe in blessings of God for good.Dasara mangalmay ho!
Why we celebrate Dussehra?Because ADHARM per DHARM,JHUT per SATYA,ANYAY per NYAY aurBURAI per ACCHAI ki vijay ho.Happy Dussehra
Sango holo pujor bela,Aaj mayer jabar pala,Suru holo sindhur khela,Bijoya sarbo eibela,Tai aamar bishesh dhara,sara Shubho Bijoya!
Vijaya dashami ka shubh absarapke aur apke parivarke jivan mein sukh,samradhi aur shanti bharde.Happy Dussehra!!
This gentle breeze..cool air..hearty music.. oh! its Happy Dussehra...
With Great Devotion,Fervour and Gaiety,With Rays of Joy and Hope,Wish You and Your Family,HAPPY Vijaya Dashami...
Everyday sun rise 2give us a message that darkness will always be beaten by light!Let\'s enjoy the festival of good defeats evil.Happy Dussehra.
May all the sweet magic Of Dasara conspire to gladden your hearts And fill every desire.Best wishes for Dussehra!