Frequently Asked Questions

What is FullOnSMS?
FOS is an International FREE Unlimited SMS Service Provider. You can send FREE SMS up to 260 of character length. You can send SMS using mobile, tablet desktop or any other device.
How to use fullonsms?
To use fullonsms to send free SMS, videos and wallpapers etc to your selected contacts, register yourself on the given URL and then login with your registered mobile number and password.URL:
What do I need to become a fullonsms user?
To become a member of fullonsms you need a valid mobile number and an active email ID to receive the password for initial login.
I don't have a mobile number. Can I still register?
Mobile number is compulsory to register at FullOnSMS as for the sake of security we send important account information (password, verification info) to your mobile number. Moreover the recipient can see your registered mobile number, so that he/she can get to know who is sending the SMS.
I have not received any email or SMS, after registration, indicating my login ID or password?
Please check the bulk/spam mail folder for a recent. In case you did not receive your password, you can send PWD to 09212211511. Else you can contact our support team by clicking on the following link
I forgot / did not get my password. What should I do?
Click on the “Forgot Password?/Haven't Received your password yet?” on the login screen. Fill your registered mobile number and captcha. After clicking on submit button, an email will be resent to your password. If you continue to experience difficulties, you may contact the our support team by clicking on the following link
Is it free or do I need to pay any sort of subscription charges?
The registration is free of cost.
What is the limit for sending SMS?
You can send unlimited SMS in a day. Any time we can block our users for using our service if we find them using our service for spamming or illegal usage.
Can I send free SMS using fullonsms via mobile?
Yes, the users can send free SMS with the help of fullonsms via mobile.
What I do if I am continuously getting error while sending SMS?
If there is an error such as “invalid mobile number” or it is displaying any blank field then you must correct your credentials, but if there is error such as “Message Status Failed!” then there must be some internal issue in our server or could be due to heavy load. Well in that case you will have to wait for few minutes, we will sort it very soon. Many time the error occur if someone’s message contains SPAM or unethical messages.
Can I get bonus credits for daily login?
No, there are no bonus credits for daily logins.
Why only 260 characters in a single SMS?
As per the SMS guidelines of TRAI, every SMS can consist of only 160 characters. If the characters exceed 160 then the sender will be charged for two SMS even though the message will be send as one only. To provide an added advantage to our user, we offer 260 characters per SMS.
Can I send SMS to other countries?
No, SMS can only be sent to an Indian resident.
I sent a SMS and it was not received by the mobile subscriber.
Following could be the reasons why SMS messages did not received by the subscriber: (i)Invalid mobile number.
(ii)The subscriber’s mobile phone could be out of reach or has been switch off.
(iii)Network congestions.
Is there any option to unsubscribe the receiving of ads along with SMS?
Yes, you can unsubscribe the ads from given URL:
How many contacts can I store?
Unlimited contacts can be stored by all the users and 15 contacts in one group.
Can I send SMS to STD mobile numbers?
Yes, you can send free SMS to any STD mobile number of India.
How do I delete my account?
To delete your account, login to your profile and select settings tab. On the new screen you will get an option to delete your account.
For how many months can I use my account?
It will work for as much time as the user wants it to if he or she is a frequent and genuine user.
When will the account expire?
There is no expiry date for the account.
Can I create a profile with my name? (While sending any SMS)
Yes a profile can be created.
How can I get a free recharge using fullonsms?
Free recharge service is not available with fullonsms.
Is there any mobile or desktop app of the site?
No fullonsms does not have any mobile or desktop application as of now.
Does the site provide any email notification?
No there is no email notification service available.
Is there any image library available for the website?
Yes image library is available consisting of wallpapers and facebook covers.
Does website offers reminders and promotional alerts?
Yes both reminders and promotional alerts are send to users as and when required.
Can I send a free SMS in other languages also?
Yes the website does offer multi-lingual feature to the users.
Does the website offer SMS alerts for email?
No, SMS alerts for email service is not provided by the website.
What is backup of mobile contacts?
This feature allows the user to store their mobile contacts in their account for future use and reference.
Do I need an internet connection to send SMS?
Yes, an Internet connection is required as to send the SMS user needs to access the website.
Is there any app for Windows phone?
No there is no app provided by site for Windows using mobiles.
What are the benefits of FOS Premium Services?
Benefits of Premium Services are as follows:
Your Business is digitally acknowledged and becomes a household brand all over the country
You get to know how your users rate your business by creating surveys and getting feedback from them.
Delivery Status of your SMS can be tracked. Furthermore, reason for any delay or failure in SMS delivery is also explained clearly in your Advance Report.
Send more and more messages without any hassle, as you get 100 free SMS per day for the whole duration of your subscription.
Get freedom from Ad infested Interface and also send SMS without any unwanted ads.
What is Survey?
Survey Form is a type of feedback form in which you can enquire your users regarding certain important points of your business. For Example: If you have a bakery shop, then you can ask
Whether the user likes your baked goods.
Would they like to visit your shop again?
What all food items they would recommend to be baked?
How does Advance Report benefit me?
Advance Report is your daily SMS delivery, failure and status report in three forms: colorful pie charts, attractive graphs and informative MIS reports. It informs you how many SMS you sent each day, how many of them were successfully delivered and how many did not get delivered, along with reason for failure
What is so special about Ad-free Interface?
Premium users get the benefit of ad free interface that is, there will be no ads shown on the interface of the user and also the SMS sent by them will not contain any ads.
How many SMS can I send per day in each of the plan?
You can send 100 SMS per day for all the months you have subscribed premium plan for.
What do I get from My Website feature?
My Website allows you to create a website for your business in the way you want to design. You can add title, sub-heading, logo, survey form, slide show and some information regarding your business.