Independence Day SMS

Some Like Sunday,Some like Monday,But i like One DayAnd that is Independence Day.Happy Independence!
IGNORE IF U R MARRIED....Baki sab ke liye...HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Salute to our Nation!
How can we forget the Tricolor Flag of our Loving India which winds up Very High! Let\'s salute and honor this. Happy Independence Day!
Share the spirit of freedom, happiness and prosperity on Independence Day...
Carried with care,coated with pride,dipped in love,fly in glory,moments of freedom in shade of joy.Proud 2 be an Indian!Happy Independence!
Patriotism is Doing All your work in the Best Interest of the COUNTRY N THE COUNTRYMEN.VANDE MATARAM!!
31 States,1618 Languages,6400 Castes,6 Religion,6 Ethnic Groups,29 Major festivals&1 Country.Proud 2 be an Indian,Happy Independence Day!
The only prison we need to escape is the prison of our minds, Open your minds and feel the freedom...Happy Independence Day!
Freedom in Mind, faith in Words,memories in our Souls,pride in our Heart!Lets Salute our Nation on Independence Day!
Join hands in Hands,Brave Indians! By uniting we stand by dividing we fall. Happy Independence Day !