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Miss You
3-2 = 1 Heart Praying 4 U, 1+1 = 2 Eyes Looking 4 U, 3+2 = 5 Senses Missing U, 4+3 = 7 Days in Week, I MISS U Sweety M 4M Hafeez
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday \'I Miss You\' Everyday
Tumne Suna nahi? Wakei nahi suna? CNN pe? BBC pe? PTV pe? GEO pe? FM-101,103,89, pe b nahi? to mujsey sun lo phir \'I MISS U SO MUCH\'
Push down if you miss me... that is sweet of you ...... Very sweet indeed .... You can stop now ..... You really miss me, .... me too
my eyes miss u my lips kiss u my heart loves u my hands need u my mind calls u my heart is 4 u and my love is 4 u i will die without u,so u
Me and U are like Hare and Tortoise.I remember u and miss u so fast like Hare, But da only one thing make me very slow then u at last; That
u r in my talks.u r in my eyes.u r in my feelings.u r in my thoughts.u r in my breath.u r in my work.u r in my mind.u r in my dreams.u r in
143 is numerically saying \'I MISS YOU\' What if I ask u 23423 same as \'DO YOU MISS ME TOO? Would u answer me 312 same as \'YES I DO\'
In My Lyf..I learned how 2 smile.How 2 Laugh.How 2 HardWork.How 2 Love.How 2 cry..but i neva learned how 2 stop MISSING YOU...em MISSIN YA S
Can u keep a secret? Between me & u You promise? I really need to tell u this... Well... I MISS U...