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Don\'t go the way life takes you but take life the way you wish to go.
Right and wrong is but a perception. Eating a rat might be right for the snake but wrong for the rat
You can either hear or listen. Hearing is a function of the ear, listening is the action of the heart
Love is not like the ripples on the water surface, it is like the silence in the depths of a still ocean
Children are natural mimics who act like their parents despite all efforts to teach them good manners
Never give up hope; maybe it is all you have but it will definitely lead you to all that you want
The most fragile factor in a relationship is trust; takes years to build but only seconds to destroy
The first step towards creating a better life is to develop the ability to envision it.
In any relationship the ability to feel and sense is more important than the ability to understand
A simple way to be fulfilled in a relationship is to express your need & listen to the others need
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